Pickering Trails

Two trails follow the Pickering Creek: the longest, Pickering Trail is an 0.89 mile trail termininating near the Charlestown Mill; and Pickering Dam Trail, 0.53 mi., which terminates at State Route 29. The trails meet at Pickering Dam and Peaks Pike Roads. Parking, some limited, is available at the trail ends and meeting point.

The Pickering Creek is a favorite fly fishing stream. The trails are favored by bird watchers and wildflower seekers. (Look, please don’t touch.) The trails are ‘unimproved’ and can be rugged at times with an occasional downed tree.

Allen Underkofler
Spring on the Pickering Trail – April 2017
George L. Ceste
Autumn on the Pickering Trail – November 2004

The Pickering Dam Trail ends at the ruins of a dam located at State Route 29. The dam once created a large pond used for the harvesting of ice prior to the use of refrigeration devices. Although the dam is no longer viable, the massive stones which defined it can still be seen at the terminus.

Allen Underkofler
Remains of the Ice Dam on the Pickering Dam Trail – April 2017

Trail Enhancements

During the summer of 2016, Nick Warner and members of Eagle Troop 67 have expanded and enhanced previous work by scouts by extending and raising an earlier version of a bridge across the wetlands on the Pickering Dam Road entrance to the Pickering Trail.

Eagle Scout Nick Warner on the Pickering Trail Bridge – August 2016
Nick Warner and fellow scouts of Troup 67 on the Pickering Trail Bridge – August 2016
Posted: November 18, 2013; updated April 30, 2024