Route 29 Sinkhole Remediation Project

Work Begins Summer 2017

Allen Underkofler
Morehall Road, south of Yellow Springs Road — a sinkhole-prone area.


The project is in East Whiteland Township between Yellow Springs Road and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Slip ramp and is necessary for PennDOT to solve a recurring sinkhole problem in a 400 foot length area of Morehall Road (Route 29).

Project Scope

A contractor will remove the existing pavement, excavate the subsoil to bedrock and replace it with stone and other geotechnical treatments. Existing pipes and inlets will be replaced or sealed. Some utilities will be relocated as needed. Curbing will be added to the southbound shoulder to control runoff. No widening will take place: the road will be replaced in kind. This project is entirely funded by state money.

Allen Underkofler
Morehall Road and Yellow Springs Road

Bidding & Contract

Project bids will be opened on May 18, 2017. The project will take place primarily in two parts:

Summer 2017:

Pre-phase to begin in June as soon as school recesses for the summer. Two lanes will be open in each direction. PECO will be relocating a gas line and will finish in the fall. There will be an approximately 8 month hiatus over the winter before Stage I begins.

During the hiatus, the road will be restored to its original condition.

Summer 2018:
Stage I:
This will be the most difficult stage for traffic. Starting in June 2018 after school recesses, the road will be reduced to one lane in each direction for a period of 3-5 weeks.
Stage II:
Beginning mid-July 2018, there will be two lanes open northbound, and one lane open southbound until mid-August 2018.

All lanes are to be open when school starts in late August/September 2018.

Final completion will take place in Fall 2018.

Severe penalties are built into the contract if the work is delayed.

Traffic Planning & Design (TPD) and PennDOT will work together on signal timing changes to accommodate the lane restrictions. Since the road remains open, there will be no official detour.


Traffic Planning & Design:
will be reaching out to all local businesses prior to work beginning this June. Businesses will be encouraged to allow flex time for their employees when possible.

Will post message boards with information 10-14 days prior to work beginning this June.

East Whiteland Township:
Will make off duty police available to assist on site during heavy traffic times and to assist emergency vehicles in getting through the area.

East Whiteland and Charlestown Townships:
Will post information on their websites, newsletters and in e-mail blasts.

Project overview, staging detail, and traffic control plans are available to review at the Charlestown Township Office.

PennDOT Resources

District 6 Customer Care Center
Chester County Maintenance Office
Posted: May 1, 2017