PECO Reliability & Resiliency Plan Project

From PECO –

December 2023

Dear Customer:

At PECO, we are committed to providing safe and reliable energy for our customers and the communities we serve. As part of our work, we will be upgrading and installing new equipment to modernize and enhance the local electric grid.

This project is part of PECO’s Reliability & Resiliency Plan to invest $1.36 billion through 2025 on targeted reliability-focused infrastructure investments. These accelerated investments will help strengthen the local electric infrastructure to better withstand more frequent and damaging storms, deliver enhanced reliability for our customers, and enable the adoption of clean energy resources. This plan is part of the company’s overall system investment of approximately $6 billion during the next five years across our electric and natural gas systems to inspect equipment, complete targeted system enhancements and corrective maintenance, invest in new equipment, and perform vegetation management.

About the Project:

  • We are investing more than $2.4M to enhance the local electric infrastructure in your area.
  • Existing lower voltage electric circuits will be upgraded to higher voltages to better meet customer needs.
  • This work includes upgrading and installing new equipment, including poles and aerial wires.
  • In addition, we’re installing specialized equipment that can automatically restore service or isolate damage.
    • When an issue occurs, like a fallen tree limb, lightning strike or vehicle accident, the equipment stops the flow of electricity on the line and automatically restores electricity where possible.
  • This work will help to improve reliability – reducing the frequency of outages and minimizing the duration of outages that do occur and will increase the ability for customers to install clean energy resources, like solar generation.
  • Work will occur along Pothouse Road, Rosewood Lane, Glenn Court, Veronica Lane, Buckwalter Road, Jeffords Court, Fairfax Court, Bellwood Court, Charlestown Hunt Drive, Huntingdon Court, Battle Creek Way, Loudoun Place, and Pickering Dam Drive.
  • Tree work will begin mid-December 2023.
  • Construction is expected to begin during the Spring of 2024.
  • The project is expected to be completed during December 2024.
  • Work will be performed by PECO crews and qualified PECO contractors.

Crews may need to temporarily interrupt service to safely complete some of this work. We will work with local residents to ensure they are informed in advance of our activities and any planned interruptions. To ensure you receive all outage updates, please confirm that your phone number is accurate in our system through MyAccount at or by calling PECO at 1-800-494-4000.

We will also work closely with local officials to minimize the impact on traffic and pedestrians whenever possible. Access for services such as trash removal, student transportation and emergency vehicles will be maintained during construction.

If you have any questions regarding the details of this project and how it may impact you, please contact Patricia Haug, Customer Service Liaison, at


Courtney Allen
Director, Regional Electrical Operations, PECO

Posted: December 19, 2023