McDevitt Trail

Allen Underkofler

This ¾ mile loop is a beautiful walk through upland woods, marked by two open areas used for power lines. An equestrian trail, from the McDevitt farm, crosses the trail at several points. This trail is woodsy, hilly, and full of interesting plants and birds — especially in the spring.

The equestrian trail leads to a nearby lake bounded on one side by steep rocks.

Although not especially long, it provides an interesting hike through some very hilly territory.

Allen Underkofler


Parking is at the Historic Longwood School (read the informative sign!) at the corner of Valley Hill and Bodine Roads. From the parking lot, follow the signs to the trail entrance, which is across Bodine Road, to the right of the radio tower.

Allen Underkofler

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Posted: April 23, 2018