Charlestown Township Office
11 General Warren Blvd. Suite 1, in Malvern, PA
Thursday, December 14, 2023 7 p.m.


Parks and Recreation:
Dan Mount, Chairperson, Scott Ammerman, and Stephanie Robinson. Cordelia Kane and Makinlee Fox were absent.
Chuck Barbera


Standing Items


Ms. Robinson moved to approve the minutes for November. Mr. Ammerman seconded. Mr. Mount called for discussion and there being none called the vote. All were in favor.

Youth Sport Reports

The seasons are over and no reports are expected until spring.

Trails Reports

McDevitt Trail will be visited by Mr. Ammerman.

Charlestown Township Park and Brightside Farm Update

Charlestown Township Park lights are functioning again and between this and the weather, there has been no recent damage. Restrooms are now closed for the season and pavilion lights remain on through the night.

EAC Report

No update.

Old Business

Charlestown Park To-Do List

Ms. Robinson volunteered to look at the To-Do List with Ms. Kane and Ms. Fox and make sure everything is on it that should be and the items are flagged as a possible scout project if possible. The old items or completed items will be removed and Ms. Robinson will have the list ready for the next meeting.

2024 Event Calendar

For tonight’s meeting, Ms. Fox distributed a document entitled 2024 Proposed Events Calendar-v2/12.14 listing the events being scheduled for the coming year. Mr. Mount suggested a discussion of the spring items at the next meeting to finalize them for the next Newsletter. The first event is for April and Mr. Ammerman hopes to have a trail clean-up day to get ready for Earth Day.

Mr. Barbera, a visitor tonight, asked about how the budgeting process works for the events. Mr. Mount described how the P&R is building upon the success of Ms. Fox’s efforts in 2023. He suggested not scheduling events on nights when the P&R will be meeting.

New Business

McDevitt Trail Repairs

Mr. Ammerman and Mr. Mount described the difficulty trail walkers experience on this trail. The trail is a conservancy and an easement that goes through two PECO clearings. Visitors get confused and can’t complete the loop so the P&R needs to mark it in a “PECO-friendly” way. Mr. Ammerman suggested 4” diameter wooden posts that can be carried out to the clearing and inexpensive directional signs can be placed on them. Making a path along the tree line for the traffic to follow this time of year with low growth, can be helpful.

Ms. Kane and Mr. Ammerman may attend a one-day course about Best Practices and Standards for building and maintaining trails.

Other Business

Mr. Ammerman is obtaining more eBike information.

The next Parks and Recreation Board meeting is scheduled for January 25, 2024.

Adjournment was at 7:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Gardner
Recording Secretary