11 General Warren Blvd. Suite 1, in Malvern, PA
Thursday, November 16, 2023


Parks and Recreation:
Dan Mount, Chairperson, Cordelia Kane, and Makinlee Fox. Scott Ammerman joined via phone. Stephanie Robinson was absent.
Carol Armstrong


The cleanup day at the Pickering Trail was a huge success. A lot of progress was made. It was on November 4th and started at the dam. There will be more in the spring of 2024.

Standing Items


Mr. Mount moved to approve the minutes for September and October. Ms. Kane seconded. Mr. Mount called for discussion and there being none called the vote. All were in favor.

Youth Sport Reports

PMYC- Repairs have started and the bleachers and goalposts are down. Basketball season is underway.

PASC- The season is complete and field remediation has begun.

Trails Reports

McDevitt Trail- Mr. Buck reported to Mr. Mount that he tried to walk the McDevitt Trail but he was not able to navigate it. It is grown over, needs reblazing, has signs missing, and many large trees are down. Mr. Ammerman will be brainstorming for the December meeting so the Board can discuss the next steps.

Charlestown Township Park and Brightside Farm Update

Charlestown Township Park- Ms. Fox had a list of items to discuss.

The park lights have reset due to a recent power outage and are not on a dusk to dawn schedule. Discussion followed about the pros and cons of dawn to dusk lighting for deterring vandalism. This discussion became a list of recent damages noticed during Ms. Fox’s visits. Mr. Ammerman suggested camouflaged trail cameras for problem areas. The conversation will be continued with Mr. Heleniak.

In addition to the list of vandalism damage at Charlestown Park, homemade signs are showing up on the dog stations at both parks. It is preventing owners from properly disposing of the dog waste, however, no one knows who or why the signs have been placed there.

EAC Report

Mr. Mount saw markers near the Pickering Trail riparian buffer. He thought a survey must have been done to show the wetland delineation since the area was marked with flags. Ms. Armstrong had not been aware of any surveys in the area.

#1 Ms. Armstrong asked the P&R Board if they were interested in partnering with the EAC to restrict the use of toxic chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides on township owned properties. This would be accomplished via policy, not ordinance. Discussion followed about the degree of partnering that was expected and the EAC wanting P&R to join the discussion to find alternatives for the sports fields etc. Mr. Mount mentioned the July Park & Rec meeting where this was discussed. The Board did not want a blanket policy as Ms. Armstrong suggested because landscapers tend to avoid bidding on projects that are labor intensive. The cost of labor is too high and they have difficulty finding enough workers. Charlestown Township has relied on a policy of “permission to apply”. They have not yet had a landscaper request permission to apply a toxic chemical. Ms. Kane reminded Ms. Armstrong about the fields that are maintained by the sports teams after the seasons and the difficulty of having all the parties accept a blanket policy. Mr. Mount agreed and stated that further discussion and information would have to involve all the parties and not just P&R members.

Ms. Fox moved to approve Ms. Fox as the P&R liaison to the EAC and Mr. Mount seconded. Mr. Mount called for discussion and there being none, called the vote. All were in favor.

#2 Ms. Armstrong has 2 red maple trees she would like to plant at Charlestown Township Park. The Stroud Restoration Team that manages the Riparian Enhancement Grant deemed Charlestown Park as too small for the grant but this is a “plan B’ opportunity for her to improve the area. The P&R agreed planting native trees was a good start.

Old Business

Charlestown Park To-Do List

Ms. Kane verified with the Board that it was appropriate to remove the basketball court and hoop repairs from the list. Mr. Mount agreed since he has placed them on the 2024 budget for approval, including resurfacing the court. Secondly, she has many items marked as possible scout projects and would like them listed separately. Mr. Mount and Ms. Fox agreed and Ms. Robinson will be the liaison for Scout projects. At the next meeting, they will discuss which projects to move over to the Scout list and when to schedule the balance of the projects for 2024.

New Business

New Member

A discussion about adding a new member to the Parks and Recreation Board will resume once members of the P&R have met Mr. Barbera and he has acclimated to the P&R. Members look forward to meeting and working with Mr. Barbera.

Ms. Fox motioned to table voting on the new member Mr. Barbera until they could meet this new volunteer, and Mr. Ammerman seconded. Mr. Mount called for discussion and there being none called the vote. The Board voted reflecting a positive position of two and one opposed. Mr. Mount was opposed.

Charlestown Day Recap

Ms. Fox discussed the following highlights of Charlestown Day on September 30th.

Pickering Trail Clean-Up Recap

Ms. Kane discussed the following highlights of the event.

Other Business

Township Facebook Calendar & Save the Date List

Ms. Fox wants to establish a Township Calendar on the P&R Facebook page with every Township event on it. It will be administered by herself.

Ms. Fox discussed the Mill property and its availability for event rental, although it has no restroom, she is not sure there is heat, and the exterior lighting may not be working. She is still brainstorming for the venue, but it could hold about 30 chairs and 20 cars in the first lot with a second lot for overflow.

Jenkins Park

Ms. Armstrong asked the Board about the status of Jenkins Park and the OLC’s (Open Land Conservancy) preserve across the street.

The Township is waiting to hear about a grant for Jenkins Park. News should arrive early in 2024 for Ms. Armstrong.

The next Park and Rec meeting may be rescheduled, but it is scheduled for December 21st, 2023.

Adjournment was at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Gardner
Recording Secretary