11 General Warren Blvd. Suite 1, in Malvern, PA
Thursday, July 20, 2023


Parks and Recreation:
Dan Mount, Chairperson, and Stephanie Robinson were present. Cordelia Kane, Makinlee Fox, and Scott Ammerman were absent.
Mark Connelly, Ms. Courtney, Chris Heleniak, and Carol Armstrong


Tonight, there is a concert in a series being sponsored by Parks & Rec. Please see the Township website for information on more concerts.

Tonight’s meeting is being recorded.

Standing Items


No minutes were approved.

Trails Reports

The Pickering Trail clean-up will be scheduled for mid-October.

Charlestown and Brightside Farm Reports

There were no reports.

EAC Report

Ms. Armstrong stated a few EAC members met with the Lenape cultural education director about naming the stream at Charlestown Park. Residents can find more information in the EAC meeting minutes.

Youth Sports Report

Mr. O’Brien discussed quotes for the clubhouse. They obtained three and selected one to bring to the Board tonight. Township funding is requested to partially assist with Park improvements. Mr. Mount will get back to Mr. O’Brien about the budget for this project. Items are listed in priority order.

Siding Replace $17,200

4 Windows Installed $4000

4 Doors Installed $7550

Other items discussed:

  1. There are 2 other sports entities in the area, one is working with the PMYC, and one is competing with them.
  2. The field hockey team has a new coach.
  3. Fall flag football registration has started.
  4. Discussed field structural problems again. He stated that they are leasing school district fields and they want to stop spending money on this need.
  5. Basketball has returned.
  6. The club is going through a rebranding.
  7. They will be having a celebration for the club in the fall. They are building a Wall of Fame to recognize some volunteers that are long overdue.

Mrs. Robinson asked Mr. O’Brien to remind the coaches that permission to use the fields does not include usage of pavilions. Pavilions must be rented.

Old Business

Charlestown Park

No updates.

Charlestown Day and 5K Color Run

Ms. Fox was not in attendance since she is overseeing the setup and concert tonight.

Herbicide at Township Properties

Mr. Connolly was in attendance to inquire about Township policy for recording herbicide usage. He mentioned building record keeping into contracts and for cost to not always be the first consideration for this type of work. Mr. Connolly does not want to assume there was no application if there is no record. He suggested at minimum, using the vendor invoicing to keep a record of chemicals used in the Township. Discussion followed:

Welcome New Members

Ms. Makinlee Fox and Mr. Scott Ammerman were welcomed to the Charlestown Parks and Recreation Board tonight. Their approval by the Charlestown Board of Supervisors was unanimous at the July meeting.

Other Business

Ms. Tori Courtney visited tonight to begin a discussion about the fast-growing sport of pickleball. She asked about the possibility of having courts in Charlestown. Mr. Mount told Ms. Courtney that the Township had no tennis courts, and therefore, none to convert, she may need to talk with West Whiteland or Phoenixville. She asked about specific spots within Charlestown Park and these locations were either owned by the school district, the University, or Schuylkill Township. Mr. Connolly stated that the basketball court at Charlestown Park needed to be resurfaced and perhaps it could be striped for pickleball. This will be on next month’s agenda.

The Park and Rec meeting will be Wednesday, August 16th. The next meeting will not be on August 17th due to it being the same night as the last concert in the summer series.

Mr. Mount stated that it is time for an update on Charlestown Day and hopefully, a meeting will be held soon.

Adjournment was at 7:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Gardner
Recording Secretary