11 General Warren Blvd. Suite 1 in Malvern, PA
Wednesday, December 14, 2022


Parks and Recreation:
Dan Mount, Chairperson, Cordelia Kane, Bil Longua, and Stephanie Robinson. Ashlee Beyer was absent.
Kevin Kuhn and Esther Underhill


The January meeting will be held on Thursday, January 19th at the new time of 7 p.m. The meetings are at the new office location at 11 General Warren Blvd., in Malvern.

Standing Items


Mr. Mount moved to accept the November minutes and Ms. Robinson seconded. Mr. Mount called for discussion and there being none, called the vote. All were in favor.

Trails Reports

Mr. Longua has the memorial plaque to be installed at Charlestown Park.

Park Reports

Charlestown Park

Ms. Robinson stated that there is no change at the park.

Brightside Farm Park

Mr. Hubbard is still waiting on the Brightside meeting information.

EAC Report

No report.

Youth Sports Report

All sports are over for the year.

Old Business

New Business

Pickering Ice Dam and Charlestown Park Action Plans

Mr. Longua spoke about the need for direction and progress for these locations. For example, the CTP bridge feels unsafe, the lookout deck needs replacing, and these are not something the Members can do themselves.

The Pickering Bridge federal government review is every 2 weeks and funding isn’t moving quickly per Mr. Hubbard. Ms. Kane reported that the footbridges need to be put back into the path, they are intact but in the woods. Mr. Hubbard suggests contacting Mr. Wright if they need to be secured for the future.

Mrs. Robinson talked about compiling the reports and creating a spreadsheet to reflect which project needs a professional vs. adult volunteers and lastly suitable for scout power. Mr. Mount will reshare the current spreadsheet and the Members discussed the next steps. A Scout Day was proposed by Ms. Robinson and Ms. Kane will work with Ms. Robinson to complete and prioritize the projects before 2023.

Final Items

Mr. Longua asked about the Jenkins Park project. P&R approved the Jenkins Park Master Plan and it went to the PC last night. It was favorably received. Mr. Kuhn spoke about the conservation easement across the street and parking. Next, it will proceed to the Board of Supervisors.

Thank you to Mr. Longua for serving the Parks and Recreation Board. He has resigned for 2023.

There are several openings for serving on the P&R Board.

Adjournment was at 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Gardner
Recording Secretary
sheet, 12/14/2022