Great Valley Middle School, Room 154
255 North Phoenixville Pike, Malvern, PA
Wednesday, November 16, 2022


Parks and Recreation:
Dan Mount, Chairperson, Cordelia Kane, and Stephanie Robinson. Bil Longua and Ashlee Beyer were absent.


The December meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 14th. Watch the website for any updates since meetings may be moving to the new office location at 11 General Warren Blvd, in Malvern.

Standing Items


Mr. Mount accepted the October minutes.

Trails Reports

No report.

Park Reports

Charlestown Park

Ms. Robinson stated that a park bench is bolted to the cement sidewalk and needs to be moved toward the sandbox.

Brightside Farm Park

No update on the RES meetings.

EAC Report

Ms. Armstrong suggested “pop-up” invasive programs or get-togethers for less formal, more hands-on, volunteer, and community action. After a discussion, Ms. Armstrong and the Board are leaning towards a spring 2023 Kudzu Vine “pop-up” with the EAC.

Ms. Armstrong told the Board that the EAC was working on placing Acid Battery Collection Boxes in areas around the Township. One box may be inside the lobby of the new Township Office and another may be near the restrooms at Charlestown Park. The board questioned Ms. Armstrong about vandalism, size, and other problems found with drop boxes.

Youth Sports Report

Mr. O’Brien said football is underway with 275 players and basketball is reopening. Fields have been aerated and seeded. Mr. Mauer stated the season is done and the nets and portable restrooms are coming off the fields.

Old Business

New Business

Jenkins Park Master Development Plan

Mr. Mount read from the Master Development Plan dated October 25th (not yet posted to the website). He distributed 2 diagrams and answered questions from the audience. The Plan had returned after being refined by Theurkauf Design & Planning. Ms. Kelsey Murphy was missing to review with those in attendance tonight. The draft will go to the Planning Commission and then the Board of Supervisors. Discussion followed:

Mr. Mount is wondering if there is a plan for the dead trees. Township-specified trees will be added to make the entrance more appealing and to buffer a neighbor.

Mr. Pappas asked about the entrance and Mr. Mount said PennDOT and the township engineer placed it further to the east than originally located. It is one way.

Mr. Mount moved to approve the forwarding of the Jenkins Park Master Development Plan to the Planning Commission and Ms. Robinson seconded. Mr. Mount called for discussion and there being none, called the vote. All were in favor.

Action Plan for Charlestown Park and Pickering Ice Dam

This item was tabled.

Charlestown Park Turf

Mr. Mauer attended tonight’s meeting to receive permission to take the next step toward improving the fields at Charlestown Park by installing artificial turf. In 2019 this research was stalled due to the pandemic, but tonight Mr. Mauer and Mr. O’Brien came united in their goal to move this idea forward.

  1. The teams are short on field space.
  2. The teams are paying rental fees for other spaces when the CTP fields are too wet or muddy.
  3. This year they had kids on a waiting list to play and don’t want to turn kids away.
  4. There is no field remediation time between sports/seasons.
  5. This would help to alleviate the problems with the fields that are not constructed properly or are not the correct size.
  6. Any trees removed will be replaced
  7. The clubs would meet with the EAC at Ms. Armstrong’s request to discuss environmental impact.

The PMYC and the PASC want to work together to maintain all the fields and optimize their scheduling of field time. PMYC will turf all 2 of their fields and PASC will turf 1 and 3, leaving 2 and 4 as grass.

Ms. Robinson moved to recommend the representatives of the PASC and the PMYC proceed with the research and the feasibility study phase of this artificial turf idea for specific fields at Charlestown Park. Ms. Kane seconded, and Mr. Mount called for discussion. There was none, all were in favor.

Adjournment was at 8:45 p.m.

sheet, 11/16/2022