Charlestown Township Parks & Recreation Board
Great Valley Middle School Room 154
255 North Phoenixville Pike, Malvern Pa
Thursday, September 16, 2021


Parks and Recreation:
Chris Lawrence Chairperson, Tim Hubbard, Dan Mount, and Stephanie Robinson, were present. Ashlee Beyer called in, Frank Beyer, Jim Quay, and Bil Longua, were absent.


The August minutes were approved.


Jenkins Park

Ms. Kelsey Stanton Murphy, of Theurkauf Design and Planning, presented the latest conceptual design for a park on 15 acres off of Valley Hill Road. The goal being to not overly impact the land, to not create a large mowing expanse, or an area that would require herbicides or pesticides, and include a frisbee golf course. The land was originally going to be a four-home subdivision. Suggestions were sought by the Board of Supervisors, and were entirely in keeping with the passive recreational park envisioned with a very low footprint. The orientation planning took into consideration the valuable woodlands and understory.

Ms. Stanton Murphy started by describing the:

Comments were as follows:

  1. The school area being at the rear was confirmed.
  2. There was lengthy discussion regarding the disc golf course.
    1. It might damage the understory or woods per Mr. Isaacs and Ms. Nigro.
    2. Path users could get hit with a frisbee (Mr. Isaacs).
      1. This was not seen as a viable issue as the baskets have a 45’ radius around them and would not be encroaching on the path (Ms. Stanton Murphy). Goals are mentioned on the concept as “lollipops” but are not cleared areas. The courses are through the woods with a buffer before the trail.
      2. 3 Township residents have requested a course through Mr. Lawrence and at P&R meetings.
      3. Mr. Isaacs requests a lesser number of goals.
  3. There would be problems or safety issues after hours due to secluded areas per Mr. Isaacs.
    1. Mr. Hubbard said there were gating systems that are used at other parks that could be installed. Other parks that used to have nighttime “visitors” no longer have that problem.
      1. Mr. Isaacs and Ms. Nigro said the wire barrier was down at a local park.
  4. Mrs. Underhill liked the golf but wanted to plan the course around the trees not remove any, and to not have paving through the trees.
    1. The paving was so that less ambulatory residents and strollers could use the path.
  5. Ms. Estes was asking about tree clearing and stormwater, but she loved the current concept. Ms. Kelsey said the rain garden near the parking lot was lower in elevation. This design was very low in land disturbance.
  6. Mr. Isaacs said the parking lot was too big and would bring trouble. He and Ms. Nigro only want walking trails as do many of his neighbors that will attend upcoming meetings.
  7. Mr. Isaacs and Ms. Nigro asked for screening along the road, and it was on the concept sketch.
  8. Ms. Nigro asked about keeping park visitors from coming onto the surrounding private properties.
    1. Mr. Lawrence stated they could add signage.
  9. There will be no lighting since there are no utilities to tie into.
  10. The sun pavilions were discussed, Mr. Isaac thought they didn’t look sturdy enough.
  11. Mrs. Underhill said butterfly gardens would need maintenance.
  12. Mr. Lawrence asked the EAC to review the concept drawing.

The next step is to receive continued feedback and post information and meetings on social media. Mr. Lawrence will call French Creek State Park to see if anyone has complained about getting hit with a frisbee from golf players. He suggested everyone present, visit a frisbee disc golf park. The discussion will go to the Board of Supervisors and Ms. Stanton Murphy will bring a rough cost estimate and traffic count.


Remnants of Hurricane Ida removed parts of the Pickering Trail, eroded around bridge supports, or removed them, and left debris around and on trail bridges. Mr. Wright’s design plan to replace the bridge will now need to include the ramp to the bridge and the trail will need to be reestablish as it is currently “in“ the water. Trail burritos will need to be expanded on, to replace lost trail boardwalks.

All trails need to be visited. Access and punch lists need to be updated. The Willistown Boy Scouts have offered to help. Mr. Hubbard said there may be Pickering Trail funding available from PEMA and FEMA and he has submitted a rough estimate to be considered.

Charlestown Park

The overlook’s top railing is off and needs repair. Ms. Robinson met with prospective Eagle Scout Larissa Greway and will get back to the committee about which project she would like to do. She is the scout that installed the story boards. The summer story boards will need replacing very soon.

Charlestown Day

Charlestown Day planning is including masking and COVID considerations. The 5k will stagger runners as they begin, volunteers and vendors will be masked. Volunteer counts are very good.


Sport schedules are in to the Township.

Mr. Lawrence will check in with the bike club and Mr. Longua.

Mr. Mummert will return to Brightside Farm to talk to visitor about how to make it more bird friendly on Wednesday the 22nd, at 6 p.m.

Mr. Kuhn would like to movement on the garden fence project since the gardening season is over. He suggests black cyclone fencing.

Adjournment at 8:45 p.m.

sheet, 9/16/2021