Charlestown Township Parks & Recreation Board
Great Valley Middle School Room 154
255 North Phoenixville Pike, Malvern Pa
Thursday, August 19, 2021


Parks and Recreation:
Chris Lawrence Chairperson, Bil Longua, and Tim Hubbard present via phone. Dan Mount, present. Ashlee Beyer, Frank Beyer, Jim Quay, and Brian Schlorff were absent.
Ester Estes (EAC), Chris Robinson, Stephanie Robinson, Jim O’Brien (PMYC), Kelsey Murphy, Jazmine Adams, Alex Profrock, Tim Pappas, and Ester Underhill.


The July minutes were approved.


Jenkins Park

Ms. Kelsey Murphy, of Theurkauf Design and Planning, presented 3 conceptual designs for a park on 15 acres off of Valley Hill Road. Designs include 16-20 parking spots with zones for expansion, paved and natural trails, connections to other trails, picnic tables, benches, and a disc golf course. Amenities are interchangeable between each concept.

Plan A (most intensive)

Plan B

Plan C (mixture of A & B)

Comments were as follows:

Mr. Mount was leaning towards C since it was closest to the original plan. It is the plan with the least impact and has amenities near the road. But he thought all 3 were worth considering.

Ms. Robinson liked the outdoor classroom using the slope and its location being away from parking. She would like to see that feature added to Plan C.

Ms. Estes asked about off-site connectors. They could be in any of these 3 plans. It is up to the townships and property owners to establish easements etc.

Ms. Underhill thought the driveways were not safe in Plan A. Ms. Murphy said since it was a state road, they would defer to the original subdivision plan for access.

Mr. Lawrence said the connectors were important features.

Everyone felt the parking needed to be expandable and not rely on walking on the road to the Longwood school. Some plans include a paved path to the school.

Mr. Pappas felt A and B had dangerous entrances and exits.

Ms. Murphy will return with a revision of C with connectors, change the road access, insert an ADA path, and insert the outdoor classroom.


Mr. Lawrence will circulate figures for the P&R to review for next year. Maintenance for the new Jenkins Park will be included.

New Board Member

Ms. Stephanie Robinson was welcomed as a new Board Member. The next step is to obtain approval from the Board of Supervisors.


Mr. Wright had circulated a list of repairs along Charlestown Pickering trail. The overlook will receive caution tape. The potential Eagle Scout did not get back in contact with Mr. Lawrence. Mr. Lawrence will contact Mr. Beyer and Mrs. Beyer. The Horseshoe Trail is closed in a spot due to a dangerous tree that will be taken care of soon. Masks for those under 12 in the park are suggested since 100 COVID cases arising daily in Chester County.


Mr. Maurer stated that players would be using masks during play, not just on and off the field. He will post the schedule and be sure the Township Office has the details. He asks that the landscaper use the string trimmer around fields #2 and #4, and near the entrance and new landscaping additions. Mr. Lawrence will give the trail steward, Ms. Robinson, the landscaper’s phone number. Mr. Maurer also said the University is not keeping up the parking area and poor conditions exist. When the club is not active, the University is complaining of problems due to the PASC.

The Township still is interested in purchasing that land from the University.

He asked that the dumpsters be moved away from the entrance and P&R Members decided the area also needed a new dog station. Mr. Maurer will talk with Phoenixville Disposal. Fields received overseeding and spot treatments this summer. When the snack stand opens it will only provide prepackaged snacks. Mr. Hubbard will request some new dog stations to replace aging ones.


Mr. O’Brien and Ms. Jeanne Schanzenbach thanked the Board of Supervisors for assistance with the new roof. They still have the garage door and windows to repair. The porch was demolished.

Fall flag football is next, and they continue to work with the White Horse Rugby Football Club and Black Bear Lacrosse. All schedules and insurance information will be obtained and forwarded to the Township Office.

These teams will also use COVID suggested restrictions including masks during games. The contractor for portable restrooms will continue providing this service.

Now that almost 300 kids have signed up for flag football the need for safer lighting is increasing. The yearly cost of renting the equipment was estimated at $9,000-$10,000. One of the club members remediated lights and will replace 6 light units on poles with LED bulbs for 2021. These lights will produce less light pollution than what is currently used. A multi-year plan has already been submitted to Mr. Lawrence that adds poles and lights. Mr. Wright will be consulted for both phases.

Brightside Farm Park

Ms. Underhill asked if the report of recommendations had come back from the state. Mr. Lawrence will check on it and Ms. Estes will contact Ms. Armstrong.

Charlestown Day

Charlestown Day planning is coming down to the smaller details.

Action Items

Ms. Murphy to email Members the 3 concept designs for Jenkins Park.

Coordinate for the Charlestown Day meeting.

Connect with Mr. O’Brien and Mr. Hubbard about lights at Charlestown Park for PMYC.

Adjournment at 9:00 p.m.