Charlestown Township Parks & Recreation Board
Via Webex
Thursday, June 18, 2021


Parks and Recreation:
Chris Lawrence, Chairperson, Dan Mount, Frank Beyer, and Bil Longua. Tim Hubbard, Ashlee Beyer, Jim Quay, Brian Schlorff, and Charles Buck were absent.
Linda Csete, Ester Estes (EAC), Jill Espinosa, Ester Underhill.


The April and May minutes were tabled.

Meetings will be at the Great Valley Middle School in the choral room, starting in July.

This meeting was being recorded.


Trails Report and List of Projects

The discussion focused on repairs at the wetlands overlook in Charlestown Park. Mr. Mount visited the site to access the rail caps and stringers that are rotted and can no longer connect. Mr. Lawrence wants to hazard tape the area until “L” brackets can be installed. Mr. Beyer and Mr. Mount will try to repair this but want clearance for safety or liability from Mr. Wright. Mr. Lawrence will contact Mr. Wright for approval to proceed.

The path needs more crushed stone and this project can be given to scouts. Saplings need to be removed and cobbles need to be purchased and installed.

Pickering Preserve has a separate document. Mr. Beyer will try to reduce the number of items on it this month. Mr. Wright looked at the bridge over the stream but hasn’t provided a follow-up. Mr. Wright is also looking at trail loops, and the possible installation of ramps or steps, near Pickering bridges and the Devault Rails-to-Trails trail. Mr. Lawrence will check in with Ms. Beyer about invasives management.

The McDevitt Trail needs 3 trail arrow signs. Mr. Lawrence asked for someone to check with Mrs. Csete and then install the signs.

There was a Devault Rails-to-Trails meeting recently, it was regarding management and long-term viewpoints. Funding is needed to purchase the railroad line (and others). How to design the surface (environment and traffic concerns) was discussed, also paved trails vs. runoff, public meetings, studies due to wetlands, etc.

The Horseshoe Trail has a tree down, the Roadmaster will remove it.

Charlestown Park

The new steward for the park is Mrs. Robinson. Troops are willing to plant trees and donate some funds, Mr. Beyer will give her the go-ahead. The storyboards are a new addition, perhaps a troop could take care of the storyboard revisions. On-going weeding and maintenance could also be a scout project. Davey Tree was called out due to a tree causing a wire to spark.

PMYC and PASC Reports:

The University water and electric bills involving the Township are being discussed. The agreement needs to be updated. The clubs pay their own electric bills and don’t use enough water to warrant metering.

Brightside Farm Park

Mr. Buck has volunteers wanting chores and Mr. Lawrence will contact him to see if there has been progress. GVMB bike checks are June 24 at 5:30 p.m. No other June activity is scheduled.

Baby kestrels have hatched and are nesting at this park. Thank you to Mr. Motel, of the Planning Commission, for his help in quickly attaining this success.

Jenkins Park Proposal

Mr. Longua walked a very wooded Jenkins Park with Mr. Theurkauf.

  1. The initial plans could be simplified to reduce disturbance and consider nearby homes.
  2. Better utilization of the already cleared former homestead area will be considered. For example, using the open area as parking instead of removing trees somewhere else.
  3. Preservation of older oaks will move parking to the east (the lot was previously planned for this area).
  4. A shift to the east reduces disturbance considering woods vs parking lot size.
  5. The entrance will be moved for sight distance and due to a heavily wooded zone near Valley Hill Road.
  6. Mr. Theurkauf will revise the sketch plan and then resubmit it to the Township now that there is a clearer scope of the project.
  7. The Board will need to approve the expenditure to draft a more formal plan (developed by Mr. Theurkauf).
  8. Mr. Mount said the formal plan will include suggested trails that use actual game trails and points of interest found during the site visit.
  9. Mr. Theurkauf suggested including a treehouse for the natural play area, a growing trend found in other townships.
  10. The Outdoor Classroom was moved away from the Turnpike noise towards Valley Hill Road.
  11. Swings near the parking were suggested by Mr. Theurkauf.
  12. Ms. Estes reminded Members about a small Frisbee golf course.
  13. There is a nearby proposed park with East Whiteland and Charlestown Township that covers a large area and Jenkins could connect to this property with a trail with a conservation easement. This would make Jenkins a hub.
  14. Research found permeable pavement was not as desirable as asphalt for Jenkins, primarily due to the woods and leaf fall. The permeable pavement collects pollen, dirt, and leaves. It would require a vacuum to keep the path clean and safe.
  15. Paved vs crushed stone parking, and A.D.A access needs to be discussed.
  16. Next, the Board of Supervisors will be updated and the next step may be approval for a formal plan. Public comment will be invited, and the revised plan will go out to bid, then permitting, engineering, environmental testing, and construction.
  17. The estimated finish is in the summer of 2023 as long as zoning changes don’t present a hurdle.

Charlestown Day

Charlestown Day has 3 new volunteers and the sign-up for the 5k is active (using the same route as in 2018). Mr. Lawrence will contact the University for 5k volunteers since it goes through their campus. Sponsors are being sought, vendors are being confirmed, and tables are being reserved.

Miscellaneous Comments

  1. Charlestown Day signs in the shed for to be updated by Mr. Longua
  2. Trash was removed along 29 by Mr. Mount.
  3. Mr. Beyer will let Mr. Lawrence know if the trails list needs updating but has the authority to allow ppl to proceed with listed items.
  4. Historical documentation for the ice chains on the Pickering Preserve is being sought.

Adjournment at 8:10 p.m.