Charlestown Township Parks & Recreation Board
Via Webex
Thursday, January 21, 2020


Parks and Recreation:
Chris Lawrence, Chairperson, Dan Mount, Ashlee Beyer, Tim Hubbard, Bil Longua, Frank Beyer, and Charles Buck. Jim Quay and Brian Schlorff were absent.
Katie Tandon, Mark Connolly, Susan Saunders, Linda Csete, Jim O’Brien, Keith Maurer, Carol Armstrong, and Ester Estes.


The December minutes were approved.

There is a possibility that there will be no February meeting.



  1. Scout projects are in progress.
  2. Ms. Beyer presented the Spring Invasives Calendar and reviewed what will need action and when. Invasives prevent other native plants from growing around them. Another challenge is the damage of stream sides or increasing chances of erosion when pulling out invasive roots.
    1. Multiflora Rose being extremely difficult to remove due to thorns, and seed banks of 10 years. Experts recommend the application of herbicide to each stem after cutting the plant 6-7 times in the same growing season.
    2. Mile-a-Minute Vine is easily pulled but should be removed before its first fruit.
    3. Lesser celandine will need a professional to spray.
  3. Mr. Lawrence stated movement of the Pickering river channel will continue. The next step is to decide on the maintenance of the bridge and trail with erosion prevention.
  4. Mr. Lawrence and Mr. Thompson visited this wet area and discussed the ability to get large equipment deep into the zone. But there is an environmental impact and a high equipment rental price. Basket stone was suggested and hand hauling was discussed. Mr. Beyer, Mr. Lawrence, and Mr. Thompson will reconnect closer to spring.
  5. Ms. Beyer was asked to establish a March weed pull day.
  6. Next, Mr. Lawrence presented the contract for landscaping for Member input since Mrs. Csete needs it to be ready to advertise. Items discussed.
    1. Weedwhacker usage.
    2. Mowing to start 2nd week of April.
    3. Weeding in mulch and parking circles needed specifics.
    4. Manual weeding vs herbicide discussed at length.
    5. McDevitt powerline mowing added.
    6. Specific wording to prevent usage of glyphosate and to document any usage of herbicides. Mr. Connolly would like to move to a “no spray” but Mr. Lawrence must first verify the success of a move to manual weeding. A clause for special handling of invasive species may be added.
    7. Since the cost will be higher for manual weeding, the need to apply herbicide or spray should apply as a credit to the cost of the weeding (lowering the manpower hours). A suggestion for Township approval before spraying was made.
  7. Ms. Tandon suggested putting bids out to organic landscapers.
  8. Ms. Ester Estes is the newly appointed EAC liaison.
  9. Mr. Lawrence will send the newest contract draft to Mrs. Csete after he receives new language from Mr. Connolly regarding spraying, etc.
  10. Mr. Buck suggested shading out the weeds with a specific seed mix.
  11. Ms. Armstrong shared a riparian success story and reminded the Members that it takes a lot of attention (especially dealing with invasives).
  12. The milkweed that is gone at the Brightside Farm will be reseeded.
  13. Discussion continued on Project Wingspan, Ernst Seeds, and West Nile Virus spraying.

PMYC Clubhouse Roof Repair

Mr. O’Brien shared the initial proposals for roof repair.

Porch of concession stand (most critical /flat rubber) $4,500
Snack bar (shingles) $3,100
Core clubhouse brown shingles $5,000
Grand Total $12,600

A metal standing seam roof $13,770
Barn Metal $12,600

Mr. O’Brien will obtain at least 2 more quotes for the next Board Meeting. Funding would come from the Charlestown Park Improvement Account. The restrooms are ready for spring and the registration for lacrosse has 153 boys and girls signed up. Fields received much attention due to COVID and are in great shape. The metal poles around the field have been removed. There are some exposed tree roots near the clubhouse that have been painted orange and will need to be covered with fill. Mr. Lawrence will contact the landscaper or Mr. Thompson and then let Mr. O’Brien know when the work will be done.

Mr. O’Brien said they previously used nearby school district fields but will instead be contacting the University due to complications and cost. Mr. Lawrence stated that the bleacher repair is not an Eagle Scout project and requires a welder.

Both clubs were asked to supply field chemical lists by Mr. Connolly. Mr. Lawrence suggested more discussion in February to establish a document for the teams. Mr. O’Brien stated he will provide documentation of chemicals used on the fields.

Young Lungs at Play

Mr. Lawrence will reach out to Tower Health for a different draft of an ordinance to amend Park rules. At the next Board meeting, suggestions for changes to posted rules, set by ordinance, not resolution, will be made.

  1. A tobacco-free playground for Young Lungs at Play.
  2. A possible change regarding bicycles.
  3. An edit to swap the words passive and active.

Pavilion Rentals

Mrs. Csete discussed the difficulty of answering pavilion rental questions during the pandemic. Parameters and policing were discussed, and after much discussion that was centered around uncertainties, Members decided to continue to watch the statistics. Any inquirers will be told to call back after April 1st.

Mowing Reductions

The Members discussed the transition from mown areas to native plant areas. It was suggested to mow once before spring so it is easier to maintain the new plantings. Mr. Lawrence reviewed the new landscaping contract addressing:

  1. Herbicide spraying
  2. Manual weeding
  3. Brightside Farm mowing around the trail per the Farm Manager’s directions

A signage example of what was installed near the stream pathway was displayed by Ms. Armstrong.

Closing Announcements

The Charlestown Nature Center acquisition is moving along at a good pace.

Mr. Longua said that the announcement about the PECO grant award should be coming in the next few weeks. This funding could be used for infrastructure repair (after receiving matching funds) at the Park.

Mr. Lawrence asked Members to suggest organizations for the PSATS Youth Awards Contest. It recognizes youth groups of second-class townships, that have made valuable contributions to their communities.

There have been changes made to the EAC meeting schedule due to conflict with the webinar called Woods in Your Backyard. This webinar will be followed up by Maintenance of Streams on Your Property.

Adjournment at 9:30