Charlestown Township Parks & Recreation Board
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Thursday, September 17, 2020


Parks and Recreation:
Chris Lawrence, Chairperson, Dan Mount, Frank Beyer, Bil Longua, Charles Buck, and Tim Hubbard. Ashlee Beyer, Jim Quay, and Brian Schlorff were absent.
Keith Maurer, Makinlee Fox, and Esther Underhill


A trails workday is set for this Sunday the 20th starting at 9 a.m. If you have any interest in attending, please meet at the Pickering Trail/Pickering Dam Trail Head at Pike’s Peak Road and Pickering Dam Road. Please bring gloves, shovels and any tools capable of cutting weed foliage. Plans include removing fallen trees and fixing walkways, questions please give Frank Beyer a call.

Minutes for Approval

The August minutes were approved.


Youth Sports

There was a lengthy discussion at the last Board of Supervisors meeting regarding sports activities in the Park. The final decision was the teams would be allowed to continue their season according to their governing policies for COVID as long as there were no county spikes in positive cases or the Township insurance advised against it.

Mr. Lawrence is closely watching a minor rise in cases. Mr. Maurer said no positives or symptoms have been reported for PASC. Saturday they will be playing on two different fields and they have been spreading the age groups. No issues have been reported.

post community or Township events, games, and practice schedules, etc.


Brightside Farm Park

Mr. Goodman met with Davey Tree at Brightside Farm Park to discuss the Alantis trees and Spotted Lanternflies. Davey Tree suggested the method of “slash and treat” where cuts are made into the tree and the herbicide is placed into the slash so that it kills the tree from within. Mr. Longua shared that it takes a few weeks to see a difference but the tree is ready for removal after a few months. This time of year, it may be difficult to navigate since the leaves are falling soon anyway. There is one tree on a property that is bordering someone’s lawn and may require extra care. The rest of the trees could be felled right where they stand. Davey tree does not recommend traps in this area. Mr. Lawrence stated that several people have offered to help with the Lanternfly situation near the Horseshoe Trail nearby. He will send Mr. Goodman the contact info. He is waiting on a quote from Davey and will send it to the Board of Supervisors and Mr. Lawrence, but he expects it to be high. The homeowner would need to be visited, the trees would need to come down quickly, and it is a large project-there are many trees.

Although the herbicide is not an airborne or “spread” type of application, Ms. Alix Coleman doesn’t want poison near Brightside Farm Park. However, if the trees are simply cut down, they will resprout quickly and multiply. Mr. Goodman needs to reconnect with Alix. Mr. Buck suggested providing Alix the material safety data sheet for the slashing chemical. It may make a difference to let her know that the trees and poison will be removed from the farm after they are down.

Mr. Buck reminded the group that there are after dark visitors at the farm even though it is closed at dusk. Visitors watching comet activity or walking aren’t a great concern to P&R, also no trouble has been reported.


Mr. Goodman discussed increasing the riparian buffer with Davey Tree while at Brightside Farm Park.

Charlestown Day

Mr. Lawrence updated Members about the Drive-In Movie Night at the CAT Pickering Campus in Phoenixville. The ≈$5,500 cost of the screen, movie rights, staff, portable restrooms, etc., was not covered by the $1,700 worth of sponsorships. Mr. Lawrence wants to lower the cost but have a second movie night. Many residents took advantage of the 250 free tickets and the event “sold” out quickly. However, only ≈80 showed up for the movie.

Makinlee Fox of GoFox and Members discussed the possibility of having 2 or 3 showings, getting more sponsorships, raising the ticket fee, advertising more, and bringing food trucks into the event.

Mr. Lawrence will begin the paperwork for October 10th movie night. He requested volunteers from tonight’s meeting, especially for finding sponsors. Mr. Lawrence will follow up with Mrs. Csete.

The Township newsletter will advertise the art contest, possible virtual 5k, and Park Cleanup. Mr. Mount will be advertising again in social media. Mr. Lawrence will talk with Mrs. Csete about the details. Mr. Mount suggested advertising the art contest with the Movie Night sponsor’s logos.


Adjournment was at 8:30 p.m.