Charlestown Township Parks & Recreation Board
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Thursday, July 16, 2020


Parks and Recreation:
Chris Lawrence, Chairperson, Dan Mount, Frank Beyer, and Bil Longua. Charles Buck, Tim Hubbard, Ashlee Beyer, Jim Quay, and Brian Schlorff were absent.
Jim O’Brien.


Minutes for Approval

The June minutes were approved.

Old Business

New Business

Charlestown Park

A big thank you to the volunteers that contacted Mr. Lawrence last month. For two days they scrapped and painted benches, mulched trees, and weeded, it looks great. There is a tree that needs staking, planted by the volunteers.

An Eagle scout is walking the park with the list of projects to decide what he would like to tackle. Lastly, Mr. Beyer is to contact Mr. Jorgenson or Mr. Hubbard to see if the trash is increasing to gauge how often the Park is being used.

Team and Club Sports
  1. All teams are starting up and using the rules established for the green phase.
  2. PMYC is:
    1. Starting youth drill camps.
    2. Ending tackle and giving football equipment to a vendor to distribute.
    3. Establishing safety plans and procedures for fall flag football and seeing if anyone is interested in playing.
    4. See improvement due to new field treatments and grounds work.
    5. July 20th they are sharing the restrooms with the PASC.
    6. Replacing gutters and fascia that have detached from the clubhouse.
    7. Thank you to “Shelly” and her volunteer group for making such a difference.
  3. PASC is scheduling drill camps since the fieldwork has just finished.
  4. Healthy Kids Running is continuing to run the field edges.
  5. Great Valley Mountain Bike coaches will be contacted by Mr. Lawrence to see when they plan on beginning.


Mr. Beyer portrayed pictures of the disappearing McDevitt Trail. Charlestown Landscaping will be doing some work there and the PR Board should expect an invoice. The utility line area has become undiscernible and the entrance has a large tree across the path. Weed whacking a 3-4’ path will need to be done by Mr. Beyer or Charlestown Landscaping. The Pickering Trail was recently cleared with a chain saw and Mr. Beyer is going to walk it. He will contact Ms. Beyer for an update and also Mr. Quay about the new trail blaze. Mr. Beyer asked everyone to walk the trails since it is July and the Board is getting a late start.

The Horseshoe Trail is getting overgrown (not maintained by Charlestown Township). Mr. Lawrence is going to contact Davey Tree about the Spotted Lanternflies seen in abundance near the Horseshoe Trailhead.

Brightside Farm Park

Dog waste continues to be a problem. The cows on the farm get sick if it gets spread when the farmer mows over it, but dog walkers are not placing used bags in the receptacle or using bags at all.


Tonight, they are listening to a discussion regarding edible weeds.

Charlestown Day

Mr. Lawrence talked with GoFox reps about Movie night and they have decided to use the parking area at the CAT Pickering Campus in Phoenixville. Members discussed the costs of the screen, movie rights, staff, portable restrooms, and use of short throw FM for the audio. Hopefully, local businesses advertising before the movie will pay for some of the costs. Mr. Lawrence will follow up with Mrs. Csete and the movie night contacts.

A September Park cleanup and Art Contest are also in the planning stages, with Mr. Mount advertising again in social media. Particulars were discussed for an art and photo contest. Mr. Lawrence suggested emailing each other with ideas.

Adjournment was at 8:20 p.m.