Charlestown Township Parks & Recreation Board
Via Conference Call
Thursday, May 21, 2020


Parks and Recreation:
Chris Lawrence, Chairperson, Dan Mount, Charles Buck, Tim Hubbard, Frank Beyer, and Linda Csete. Jim Quay, Brian Schlorff, Ashlee Beyer, and Bil Longua were absent.
Keith Maurer, Ester Underhill, and Warren Anders.


The meeting was recorded.

Minutes for Approval

The March minutes were tabled.

Old Business

New Business

Charlestown Park

Since Chester County is still under strong restrictions the Park is closed. No large gatherings are allowed, the basketball hoops have been taken away, but the dogs stations and trash continue to be monitored. There was a tree down near the soccer fields but Charlestown Landscaping is handling it. The Park will reopen when the Township Office can reopen, meaning the restrooms will be available, perhaps when the County goes yellow. All decisions will be made using CDC guidelines.

Youth Sports

PASC Report

Mr. Maurer locked up the goals and will wait for the green phase to start planning.

PMYC Report

The fields are closed but are being improved during the shutdown.

Healthy Kids Running

The kids are not using the Park fields right now, but are participating in virtual runs.

Great Valley Mountain Biking Club

Mr. Lawrence reported that prior to the close the trails were cleared at Brightside Farm but there has been no activity since. There was a request to expand the trails at Brightside but with the acquisition of new land near the Great Valley Middle and High Schools, the team may move there, or at least also use these fields also. The property transaction has suffered a setback due to COVID-19.

Brightside Farm Park

There is no date for bench dedication. But the plaques have been installed and one more request has been received for a dedication.

There are 60 garden spots and only 3 remain untouched. Mr. Buck will contact the 3 residents this week. The garden is very active.

Mrs. Csete will check the validity of the current release form used for involvement of under 18 volunteers and contact Mr. Buck.


Mr. Beyer will be visiting each trail for an initial inspection in the coming week. He will continue to work toward re-blazing the Pickering Dam Trail, and check in with Ms. Beyer. All group projects are on hold until more guidelines are released for safe outdoor group gathering, but there is no reason that Eagle Scout projects could not be initiated. Mr. Lawrence will contact Mr. Motel about scout projects.

Charlestown Day

Mr. Lawrence asked Members for their input for Charlestown Day. It was suggested that even if the County was in a green phase, turn out would be low, and risk would increase. Mr. Buck suggested using the day to do group community projects like Earth Day (canceled in April). Members hope by September there are CDC or County guidelines in place that will allow safe small group gatherings, or allow family groups, to participate safely in the Park and on trails. Mr. Lawrence suggested emailing each other with brainstorm ideas and they will cautiously move forward with Mr. Buck’s suggestion.

Adjournment was at 8:00 p.m.