Charlestown Township Parks & Recreation Board
Via Conference Call
Thursday, March 19, 2020


Parks and Recreation:
Chris Lawrence, Chairperson, Dan Mount, Ashlee Beyer, and Frank Beyer. Jim Quay, Brian Schlorff, and Bil Longua, were absent.
Don Kaczmar of the Great Valley Mountain Biking Club and Charles Buck.


The meeting was recorded.

Minutes for Approval

The January minutes were approved.

Old Business

New Business

Great Valley Mountain Biking Club

Mr. Kaczmar introduced himself and will be the new contact, replacing Mr. Leary as the rep for Township meetings. Brightside trails need to have some clearing done on the existing trails. This was approved by an email prior to tonight’s meeting. New trails need to be discussed further. There is an opportunity to obtain a new property for the Township. It is near the Middle and High School. This may change the trails situation and the Township is waiting for more information.

Charlestown Park

April 1st is the new opening date for restrooms at the Park, unless there are further government restrictions. The playgrounds and pavilions are not open, but it is not “policed”. Trails and open areas are still accessible, but social distancing is of course, encouraged. The Township is not obligated to sanitize.

Mr. Theurkauf has completed his spring report of the Park and Mr. Lawrence will be distributing it to the clubs.

Earth Day

(Canceled after this meeting) Earth Day is still planned for April 18th. (Canceled) The Township Manager will let Mr. Lawrence know if it is canceled. Report areas needing attention to Mrs. Csete, she has divided the Township into sections needing work and assign the groups.

Charlestown Day

Mr. Lawrence stated that once Earth Day is over, the next push will be for Charlestown Day. He needs Members of the P&R Board to each take on one aspect of the Day. One person needs to head the 5k with GoFast, one person needs to deal with vendors, etc., and a few Members need to get together to decide on a band. Many bands have come forward and want to play that day. Mr. Lawrence may suggest some of them for the Historical Concert series.


Mr. Beyer discussed the importance of prioritizing the needs of each individual trail. Then, when someone or a group comes forward and wants to volunteer, it will be easy to point them to the perfect fit for that group.

The responsibility of the trail steward is more of a leadership role now than just a watchful eye. The steward will be prioritizing for individuals or action groups/corporate sponsors, plus taking suggestions or complaints.

Trail stewards please report to Mr. Beyer your top 2 priorities.

The Pickering Preserve assessment by Mr. Theurkauf’s rep will be soon. Mr. Lawrence told Ms. Beyer he hopes that there can be a Member there during the assessment.

Ms. Beyer found a site called Therapy goats can be hired to graze in ppl’s back yards, or parks, etc. They eat invasive species, so Ms. Beyer reached out and received the initial information needed for trails in Charlestown.

Lastly, Mr. Lawrence suggested a field trip to each of the parks and trails so that everyone knows where they are, including Horseshoe Trail and where it is within the Township.

PASC Report

Practices are suspended until further notice.

PMYC Report

Practices are suspended until further notice.

Brightside Farm Park

There is no date for bench dedication. Signs are ordered.

Mr. Buck said he needs to re-engage with contractors and check on their availability. The garden is under the same restrictions as the Park, due to the virus. Gardeners are to keep 6 feet apart. The portable restroom is closed. All plots are subscribed, and there is a waiting list. There are 60 spots (20’ x 20’). A new fence would expand the garden, then smaller spots will be added. He will email fence updates and specs.

EAC Report

No updates.

Other Items

The plans for the Park, such as reestablishing sports clubs and restrooms, is likely to be changing, so Mr. Lawrence will be emailing Members. The next meeting may be via conference call.

Adjournment was at 8:15 p.m.