Charlestown Township Parks & Recreation Board
Great Valley High School
Thursday, October 17, 2019


Parks and Recreation:
Chris Lawrence, Chairperson via Skype, Dan Mount, and Bil Longua. Jim Quay, Frank Beyer, and Brian Schlorff were absent.
Additional Visitors and Volunteers:
John Martin from the Historical Society.



Minutes for Approval

No minutes were approved.

Old Business

New Business


Mr. Lawrence is still hoping to accomplish some invasive species work in October. Then he is hoping for one more workday before cold weather. He will follow up with Mr. Beyer. He would like to get the first spring work date on the calendar. The Thompson Trail signs are on order to better mark the trail.

Club Reports

PASC had a successful Movie in the Park and 30th anniversary fundraiser.

PMYC-Charlestown Township will be providing the paint for improvements to the clubhouse. Mr. Lawrence will be providing a final version of an approved draft agreement for club signatures at the next Board meeting.

The Renaissance Academy is having a 20th Anniversary ColorSplash 5K this weekend. The color is chalk based and not harmful to the environment.

Charlestown Park

Charlestown Landscaping delivered stone to the Park’s erosion area near Township Line Road and Cold Stream Road. The stone needs positioning for winter. Mr. Longua expressed concern for liability since it is a dangerous spot. He is not sure the stone will be enough and will check on it regularly. Mr. Wright may need to inspect the situation since water is bypassing a pipe that is under a state road. Mr. Longua thought this could be a good location for a rain garden.

Brightside Farm Park

Mr. Findlay said the wildflower area planted by the Eagle Scout is overgrown with weeds. Mr. Lawrence thought the landscaper could also cut this to 8” like the 8” mow at the Park. Then Mr. Longua will try to reseed the area.

EAC Report

Charlestown Historical Society Dissolution

Mr. John Martin, President of the Charlestown Historical Society, was present to discuss the proposal presented to the Board of Supervisors at the October meeting. He distributed a plan to dissolve the Society and transfer its historical archives, real estate, and financial assets to the Historical Commission or to the Township which could then transfer it to a group with a similar mission. There are restrictive uses for the financial assets and legal issues to be discussed. It was suggested at the Board Meeting, that a subcommittee be formed that would include a member from the Parks & Recreation Board and someone from the Charlestown Historical Commission.

The assets should be distributed to the Township, then to another 501C3, and this qualifies the Friends of Charlestown Township or the Historical Commission. Mr. Martin said the state Attorney General will need to approve of the dissolution and transfer.

Mr. Martin said they have outreach concerts along with a popular Memorial Day Ceremony. He asked Members if they will continue these well-attended events.

The Friends of Charlestown could become the new owner and caretaker of the .5-acre property right next to Brightside Farm. The Wisner-Rapp house is the headquarters. Mr. Lawrence said that the Friends of Charlestown only has $3,000 in the bank and cannot maintain the property. There is no septic there, so it cannot be a home, and when there is a concert, they must rent portable restrooms. Mr. Lawrence wanted a volunteer to be on the subcommittee and said volunteers would be needed the day of concerts. Although the Historical Commission (which also contains HARB) could gain these assets, it too needs a new volunteer base. Mr. Findlay said the concerts could also be at The Park. But the Wisner-Rapp House faces the western sunset and is a beautiful place at 7 pm on a summer night. Mr. Findlay told the P&R he had warned the Supervisors that the lack of volunteerism in the Township will impact budgets, as demographics change in the Township. Mr. Mount suggested contacting schools that may require service hours. Mr. Martin and Mr. Lawrence will be contacted once the sub-committee is organized. Until then, Members are urged to consider being the P&R subcommittee person.

Done in 2019 and Doing in 2020


Adjourned at 8:48 p.m.