Charlestown Township Parks & Recreation Board
Great Valley Middle School
Thursday, September 19, 2019


Parks and Recreation:
Chris Lawrence, Chairperson, and Frank Beyer. Dan Mount, Brian Schlorff, Bil Longua, and Jim Quay were absent.
Additional Visitors and Volunteers:
Carol Armstrong, Tim Hubbard, and Kevin Kuhn.


Marylou Forcine has announced that she is stepping down. Ms. Smith is interested in joining and Mr. Beyer also has another person interested.

Minutes for Approval

The August minutes were approved.

Old Business

New Business

Charlestown Day

Charlestown Day was a success, many people showed up. Mr. Hubbard and Mr. Beyer commented.

The objective of Community Day is to get people acquainted with the Park itself. Partnering with a group to raise funds is a secondary goal. The non-profit pavilion had more traffic which is not like it was in the past. The profit and non-profit groups may be mixed together next year.

Charlestown Park

Club Reports

PASC is having a movie in the Park night on 9/27 using the kicking wall.

PMYC-no report. Mr. Hubbard said they aren’t emptying their new trash cans. They need someone to empty them after every practice. The cans aren’t retaining their exterior finish as well as they should.


Mr. Beyer discussed potential workdays (10/5-10/12-10/19-10/26). Frequent walkers are noticing repairs done. There is one more bridge to repair, and more trail burritos are probably needed. There hasn’t been any Boy Scout attention this year. Mr. Beyer wants to the trail when it is very rainy. The Beyer’s may host a cocktail party for leadership on a Saturday night in October.

Email Lists Discussion

EAC Report

Ms. Armstrong mentioned a talk happening next week, by Dr. Veda Maany. It is about The Environment and Your Health, covering how land uses impact our health. Ms. Armstrong said the EAC plans to have three discussions a year. She also mentioned a talk about cooking with invasive species.

The riparian buffers at Brightside are on the next Board agenda.

It is reported that the Lantern Fly is less toxic lately since some of our bird species are beginning to eat them.

There is a suggestion about a joint annual meeting with the EAC and P&R before budget time.


Adjourned at 8:35 p.m.