Charlestown Township Parks & Recreation Board
Great Valley High School
Thursday, July 18, 2019


Parks and Recreation:
Chris Lawrence, Chairperson, and Dan Mount. Frank Beyer, Brian Schlorff, Bil Longua, and Jim Quay were absent.
Additional Visitors and Volunteers:
Tim Hubbard, Charles Buck, Alix Coleman, Kevin Kuhn, and Robert Findlay.


There are federal trail maintenance guides available at tonight’s meeting.

Minutes for Approval

The June minutes were approved.

Old Business

New Business

PASC and PMYC Report

Mr. Lawrence discussed the updated draft version of the two club agreements. Changes were discussed:

  1. 1-Clarify 3rd party contractor’s insurance.
  2. 2-The definition for the federal government was left in.
  3. 4-Inconsistencies appear in section 14, and “Charlestown Township” needs to be throughout.
  4. 5-LED lighting needs to meet Township requirements.
  5. 6-Insurance amounts should be changed from 1 million per occurrence with a 1 million cap to a 4 or 5-million-dollar limit. The Township is immune from any amount beyond the cap.
  6. 7-Mr. O’Brien will send Mr. Lawrence insurance information. The PMYC Board has reorganized.
  7. 8-There is a 7-year term for both clubs and the contract will be redone if a turf field is installed.
  8. 10-The lacrosse goals are being moved by Park patrons to different areas of the Park and need storage.
  9. 11-Mr. Kuhn said building and clubhouse plans need to include storage areas. It is not likely there will be a Township building in the Park. The former jailhouse and clubhouse might be up for a trade with the University. There is a lot of reorganizing of staff at the University.
  10. 12-The final drafts should be done for mid-August for Mr. Thompson, then it will proceed to the Board.

Charlestown Park Report

The nature trail has a wet zone. There is no date yet, but there are volunteers that want to help with repairs. Mr. Lawrence will contact them soon. Mr. Wright will follow up with the landscaper to replace dead trees with a different species (to be suggested by Mr. Theurkauf). The restroom doors and floor (needs sealant) are still outstanding items on a punch list and this leaves a daily cost to the contractor of $100, adding up over these past months of inactivity. No contractors should stage in paved parking areas.


Friday, July 26, 2019, Johnson and Johnson employees will be at the Pickering Trail and Ice Dam Trail to haul stone and Geotech fabric. The trail repair will follow the guidelines in the booklet available tonight. The footbridge area is not as accessible and will not be an area where stone can be dumped, so wooden raised platforms will be carried in and laid across wet zones. Mr. Buck suggested a bed of stones for these platforms too. An August workday, perhaps the 10th, will be for the Pickering Trail that will also receive carry in platforms. September will be for the McDevitt Trail.

Ms. Smith led a few invasive removal days in July with Mr. Beyer and asks the EAC to help next time. She has also asked Mrs. Csete to research work crew availability or other groups interested in doing community service. Some trails are eased private property, and this may be a complication.

Brightside Farm Trail (the mown section) has a 2-plank walkway that the P&R does not feel is at all permanent, with the heavy rains lately. Alix has no problem with it being there. The concert is July 25th from 7-9 p.m., the Malarky Brothers will be playing in Brightside Farm Park.

Bike Club

The club is growing and appears to have about 50 members with 3 coaches. The following items were brought to P&R’s attention.

  1. Cars are parking across the street in a development since the lot is full.
  2. The club was asked to not use every parking spot, but sometimes there is no parking available. They are also parking in the cart trail. Alix said that although only standing by their bikes, do not move for cars.
  3. The crowds have been there every day this week.
  4. Alix called Mrs. Csete about the club’s insurance since it has grown so much.
  5. Per Alix, they are now using the macadam too. They have a trail in the picnic grove then added the new trail in the woods, which is much more extensive than discussed.
  6. Etiquette and safety rules will be re-established for walkers and people with retractable leashes (these leashes allow dogs to run out in front of bikes).
  7. Bikers should leave the trail for walkers to continue. Mr. Findlay said he has not seen bikes on the paved path.

Mr. Kuhn wants the club to pick a steady schedule and post it in the kiosk. He would the club coaches to be invited to the next P&R meeting.

Brightside Farms Garden Fence

Mr. Buck has only gotten the one quote from J Mar Fencing for under $18,000 for an expanded garden fence. It will replace a 7-year-old fence with rotting posts. Mr. Buck said a horizontal board with a layer of 14-gauge chicken wire will be extra protection. He is hoping for installation no later than October.

Mr. Kuhn asked Mr. Buck to investigate black chain link fencing since it is almost invisible but will not be ruined by groundhogs. For the August meeting, Mr. Buck should bring to the Board of Supervisors a quote with an overview and sketch of the new fence, have a reason why it needs replacing (age), and have an estimate of the new lifespan of the quoted fence.

Also, Alix stated she had put a new toilet and sink in the budget for the barn at Brightside Farm. Mr. Kuhn told her to also come to the Board Meeting with a quote. Mr. Kuhn said he wants to keep this project separate from what is being done with the bathroom in the house.

Mr. Lawrence and Mr. Kuhn are looking for a new plaque supplier for benches and trees planted as dedications.

EAC Report

There was none.

Charlestown Day 2019

The next Charlestown Day is on September 14 so there is only 1 meeting between then and now. Please attend the August meeting.

The next Charlestown Day will include a 5k. The planner for this is Go Fox. Early in the day, the route will either circle the Park twice or they will work with the University of Valley Forge and go around the perimeter of the Park and University. Mr. Kuhn and Mr. Lawrence are very interested in resuming talks with the administration.

Mr. Kuhn asked Mr. Lawrence about the dedication of a pavilion for Mr. Rodgers, a former member of the Board of Supervisors. Mr. Lawrence will add it into the day’s agenda, after the awards ceremony.

Parks Master Plan

The Parks and Open Space Ordinance was reviewed by Mr. Mount and he has pointed out an error needing editing. The Parks Master Plan is now 7 years old and needs review. The list of undone items has one high response item listed on it, a dog park. The Supervisors stated that many dog parks are surrounding the Township and do not intend on initiating one in Charlestown Township. Mr. Lawrence said for Members to review the Plan and consider reasons/decisions about why or where things are located, such as passive open space, active space, trails, playing fields, etc.


Adjourned at 9:00 p.m.