Charlestown Township Parks & Recreation Board
Great Valley High School
Thursday, June 20, 2019


Parks and Recreation:
Chris Lawrence, Chairperson, Frank Beyer via phone, Dan Mount, and Brian Schlorff. Bil Longua, and Jim Quay were absent.
Additional Visitors and Volunteers:
Tim Hubbard, Ashlee Smith, Robert Findlay, and Casey Shure (Treasurer of PASC).


There were no announcements.

Minutes for Approval

The May minutes were approved.

Old Business

New Business

PASC and PMYC Report

Mr. Lawrence asked everyone to attend the July meeting and please read through the outdated lease agreement for the clubs. He will gather feedback and compile it, then present it to Mrs. Csete. She will forward it to the solicitor. After Mr. Thompson reviews it, then it will appear on the Supervisors agenda.


Mr. Beyer asks that all trail and volunteer leaders submit availability to him for July and August Trail repair and invasive species removal. You may list specific sites you wish to work. He has 75 hard copies of Trails Building and Maintenance Guide, and Mr. Lawrence will supply a pdf link.

A big thank you to Ms. Smith and a volunteer for clearing invasive species this month. Mr. Findlay asked her to let the EAC know when it happens again, and perhaps he can assemble more help.

The Pickering and the McDevitt Trail need remediation and may be receiving help from Johnson & Johnson volunteers. Using the “burrito” method will require many volunteers. Mr. Lawrence will contact a few groups after they go through the process once.

Ms. Smith suggested a schedule for 2020. She is gathering data and together they come up with a calendar for specific species removal. They will decide about herbicide usage or which method will be best per species. Mr. Lawrence said they need to consider adopting the Penn State guidelines for herbicide spraying. Mr. Mount suggested incorporating Mr. Theurkauf’s Open Space Report with the calendar, Mr. Lawrence will contact him for input.

EAC Report

Mr. Findlay reported that the Tree of Heaven (a favorite of the Spotted Lanternfly) is growing in numbers at Brightside Farm Park and along Hollow Road. There are about 6 trees with a diameter of about 12”. There are a few in Charlestown Park near the bridge. The removal is likely to run into a large sum of money. Other topics discussed:

Charlestown Day 2019

The next Charlestown Day on September 14 so there are only 2 meeting between then and now. Please attend the July meeting.

The next Charlestown Day will include a 5k. Mr. Lawrence has found a planner for this and they are in the process of establishing the route. The route will either circle the Park a few times or they will work with the University of Valley Forge. The Sports Management students may help by doing parking etc., but Mr. Lawrence said the school may allow the 5k to travel through their grounds. He should know by the July meeting. Mr. Lawrence needs to contact the Manatees and the Science Tellers.

The EAC may have a volunteer “sandwich board” person roaming the crowds to try and raise awareness and volunteers for their group.


Adjourned at 9:00 p.m.