Charlestown Township Parks & Recreation Board
Great Valley Middle School
Thursday, April 18, 2019


Parks and Recreation:
Chris Lawrence, Chairperson, Frank Beyer, and Bil Longua. Marylou Forcine, Brian Schlorff, and Jim Quay were absent.
Additional Visitors and Volunteers:


There were no announcements.

Minutes for Approval

No minutes were approved.

Old Business

New Business

Earth Day

There was a wonderful turnout for Earth Day activities. Thank you to Mr. Hubbard and Mr. Kuhn, for dumping bags of trash from Coldstream Road, etc. 100’s of bags of trash were picked up there, plus at the Park, and along its stream.

Mr. Dan Mount would like to become the next member of the P&R. Mr. Lawrence recommended him to Mr. Kuhn, who was in attendance. At the next Board Meeting, the Supervisors will discuss Mr. Mounts approval.


Mr. Lawrence and Mr. Beyer reported that the Park nature trail near the footbridge is continually flooding out. This area will be a good test area for the stone and wrap idea. It is Mr. Beyer’s first priority since it is at the Park and heavily used. The trail has received a lot of attention in past years. Members asked Mr. Findlay to check on the environmental concerns when using geofabric with stone and wrapping, to support the swampy trails. #2 limestone will go on top of a “burrito” for an area of ≈ 8’ x 15’. Mr. Lawrence and Mr. Beyer will do a site visit, then Mr. Beyer will work with Mr. Hubbard and the Roadmaster. Mr. Lawrence volunteered to contact Melchiorre for the stone. Mr. Beyer will send out information about mechanical permeable concrete after a discussion with Mr. Kuhn and Mr. Lawrence tonight.

A group of friends is adopting a trail at the Park in memory of a friend. They will be planting a tree in memorial and Mr. Lawrence will be there to help. The date is June 2nd, and it will be near the wet area close to the parking lot. Mr. Lawrence will remind them about a watering program.

The Pickering Dam Trail has two spots that are unpassable and new trail should be blazed. Mr. Beyer will contact groups of volunteers to help. This is a perfect scout project since the bridge is out, and there are bigger projects for a potential Eagle Scout.

The first step for the 2019 invasive removal is for the EAC to provide a list so that those involved know what to look for. The Pickering area will be the first to receive attention.

There has been no movement from PennDOT for communication about the Horseshoe Trail Crossing signage.

Mr. Kuhn told Members that the Township may be acquiring more trails since they are partnering with East Whiteland Township and Natural Lands Trust regarding a joint purchase of the Balderson Tract. It is bordered by Phoenixville Pike (across from the High School) and Route 401. The tract is comprised of 143 acres, of which 40% are located in Charlestown. The appraisal is in the $600,000-$700,000 range. An additional adjacent 12 acres is available in the $100,000 range and may be combined with this purchase. The cost to the Township would be about $150,000. The land would be used for passive open space and trails. East Whiteland Township is submitting a grant application to both Chester County and the DCNR that will cover a portion, if not all, of the purchase price. Natural Lands Trust is drafting proposals for funding. The EPA is also involved. These trails are close to the Devault Trail and Volpe property.

Charlestown Park Report

The drain repair, being done by Melchiorre, has not been completed, probably due to the weather. Mr. Lawrence hasn’t heard much from the clubs except about the erosion near a pipe that goes across Coldstream Road. This pipe needs a load of big stone, Mr. Kuhn suggested that Mr. Lawrence contact the Roadmaster.

The Phragmites still need more attention with an application of herbicide, then native plantings to follow up.

The potential Eagle Scout fence is not yet complete. The soccer club is asking for another trash receptacle. Discussion followed regarding location, need for a concrete pad and anchor. Mr. Kuhn will discuss it with other Board Members. The club will need to empty the trash after games.

The turf project is at a cost estimating stage. Mr. Maurer will be contacting Mr. Kuhn. Main concerns are cost, replacement costs in escrow, environmental concerns, the latest surface options, and lighting.

There are some trees needing replacing. Mr. Lawrence will talk with the landscaper. Mulching still is not finished, in addition, deer protection is not finished for ≈20 trees. Mr. Findlay will contact Mr. Lawrence with a count.

There is Yoga in the Park on the 2nd Saturday of every month, and a color run coming. There was a discussion about a pavilion renter wanting to have a band and the impact to rentals around it.

PASC and PMYC Report

PASC is in mid-season and has over 1,500 members. The clubs are working together now, especially because of the turf project.

PMYC Report

PMYC started and continues until Memorial Day.

EAC Report

They have made a grant application for the riparian buffer. There are educational meetings coming up about health in the open air, and trees. They are looking to change the email procedure so people can respond to functions and they can get a head count. Mr. Lawrence will look into it.

Brightside Farm

Mr. Buck is having trouble getting solid comparable fence quotes but will continue trying, since there needs to be time to advertise, collect bids, and open them. The gardens are fully booked (60 plots that are 400sq ft each). He also is changing communication by taking over the domain but wants to change the email system too. Mr. Kuhn will talk to the webmaster about the garden. Discussion continued regarding chain link fencing, longevity, plastic inserts for posts, bidding thresholds, and expansion details. Mr. Buck would like to expand the garden width and add 15 half plots toward the road.

Alix Coleman said the neighbor, Ms. McFadden, is finding dogs in her backyard from people not using a leash while walking on the trail nearby. Mr. Kuhn said her yard is quite a distance away and that the fence on the property edge being in disrepair isn’t helping. Mr. Hubbard also said that as the grass gets higher visitors won’t want their dogs running through the tall grass.

Also discussed –

More leash signs.
Fines for not using leashes.
A private property sign near the back for the McFadden complaint.
Mr. Hubbard will contact offenders if license plates can be provided.
Since Horseshoe Trail is near there, having dogs running loose is dangerous.
Mr. Findlay is creating a poster for the kiosk about cleaning up after dogs.
Mr. Findlay is performing all the duties of a trail steward at Brightside Farm.
Educational signage — This is a working hay farm. Scoop the poop along the loop.

Charlestown Day 2019

The next Charlestown Day is September 14 and the hours will be expanded to 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Mr. Mount has volunteered to help. He suggested adding a walk, not just a 5k run, to encourage more families to join. The next step is to partner with the University of Valley Forge to use surrounding Park roads but prevent the need to close peripheral roads.


Adjourned at 9:15 p.m.