Charlestown Township Parks & Recreation Board
Great Valley Middle School
Thursday February 21, 2019


Parks and Recreation:
Chris Lawrence via phone, Chairperson, Marylou Forcine, and Brian Schlorff. Jim Quay, Frank Beyer, and Bil Longua were absent.
Additional Visitors and Volunteers:
Tim Hubbard, Richard Findlay, Alix Coleman, Jim O’Brien, Daniel Mount, and Melissa Dicranian


There were no announcements.

Minutes for Approval

The January minutes were approved.

Old Business

New Business

New Volunteers

Mr. Findlay has received his Tree Tender course certification. More volunteers are needed, especially for Charlestown Day, since vendor input is starting.

Earth Day

The official date for Earth Day is April 6th, and the rain date is the 13th. Mr. Lawrence will coordinate the scout groups with Mrs. Csete, and all are welcome to stop by the Township Office to start or end their day. There is a volunteer wanting to do litter clean up on Coldstream Road, and since it is a state road, this needs extra coordination with PennDOT. Ms. Veda Maany is also interested in heading an outreach for street litter. Mr. Lawrence will post all information on social media.

Alix Coleman hoped that Earth Day will include the Brownie troop that usually comes at Brightside, because they do such a good job. Mr. Lawrence is trying to contact the Girl Scouts to return to Charlestown Park again this year.

Charlestown Day 2019

The next Charlestown Day is September 14. Mr. Lawrence, Ms. Forcine, and Mr. Schlorff, will meet to begin planning the events and making changes on the website.

Charlestown Park Report

The drain repair, being coordinated between Mr. Wright and the Roadmaster, has not been completed yet due to the weather. Mr. Maurer will be notified about the timing, there is a small window before the soccer season starts on March 31st. Surface repairs on bleachers, near Coldstream Road, are also on hold due to the wet weather.

The soccer club will be making a draft of a ball catcher structure and then resubmitting a permit form to the Township office. Mr. Lawrence will follow up with Mr. Maurer.

Tree Report

The wet weather has compromised Mr. Findlay’s site visits for tree inspections. His preliminary findings were:

Mr. Findlay needs a map of the Park so that he can break the zones down and assign them to groups, Mr. Lawrence will provide the map. Mr. Findlay has about 22 residents who have volunteered.

Alix Coleman will join a Brightside Farm trail walk with Mr. Findlay, to see the tree needing removal.

Any Trees of Heaven found in the Township Parks will be removed because of the Lantern Fly infestation. Mr. Lawrence wants to include wrapping sticky tape, around trees for the same reason. Tape cages protect small animals and birds from getting caught in the tape.

Brightside Farm

Mr. Goodman and Ms. Armstrong are heading up the Riparian buffer project along Pigeon Run, but grant season is in September, so it is on hold. Per Alix, Ms. Pam Brown of the French and Pickering Trust, said there is controversy about planting trees in bogs. Presentations regarding the buffer will be seen by the Trust first. Mr. Lawrence wants this worked out soon so that when September arrives there are no delays.

Prospective Eagle Scout David Nemeth is requesting the court be held at the Wisner-Rapp House on May 5th, from 1-3pm. This has not yet been confirmed.

PASC Report

Mr. Lawrence asked Mr. Hubbard to be sure there is at least caution tape, and dirt or stone fill, for the drain pipe area. This will be a temporary measure for Earth Day visitors.

PMYC Report

PMYC registration is now closed with over 200 players. March 18th is their optimistic start date. They will play on Mondays and Wednesdays and the White Horse Rugby Football Club teams will play on the fields Tuesdays and Thursdays. They play flag and mixed gender rugby. Mr. Hubbard reminded Mr. O’Brien to be sure all paperwork, for insurance, needs to be at the Township Office before the season starts

EAC Report

The EAC is initiating 3 educational/environmental programs over the summer. One will be a visit to a water treatment center. The EAC will have a table at Charlestown Day. There was interest in the amount of salt in small streams after the EAC wrote an article about road salt getting into waterways. A few residents contacted the EAC to have their stream’s chloride levels checked.


Mr. Lawrence stated that there needs to be a new “To Do” list generated and the scout project list can be updated from that. Work will be performed by trails committee volunteers and contractors hired by the Township. The trail ambassadors will assist with the coordination of projects. There needs to be a big push to clear the Township trails left in poor condition due to rain, snow, and storms.

Mr. Longua is still trying to get word from PennDOT regarding the Horseshoe Trail crossing needed at Brightside.

Alix Coleman said there is a dog waste problem at Brightside Farm. Owners using the trail, are not disposing of waste properly. It is getting into the hay. To combat this problem the suggestions included:

The new kiosk will contain Lantern Fly information and dog owner posters for the coming spring.

Other Business


Adjourned at 8:25 p.m.