Charlestown Township Parks & Recreation Board
Great Valley Middle School
Thursday, July 18, 2018


Parks and Recreation:
Chris Lawrence, Chairperson, and Sue Staas. Bil Longua, Frank Beyer, Marylou Forcine, Karen Schlichter and Jim Quay were absent.
Additional Visitors and Volunteers:
Tim Hubbard, Ashlee Smith, Kevin Kuhn and Lisa Gardner


There were none.

Minutes for Approval

The June minutes were not officially approved due to the absence of a quorum.

Old Business

The restroom façade is now repaired.

New Business

1-New Volunteers for Parks and Recreation Board

Ms. Staas welcomed back Ms. Smith who will be taking over some of Ms. Staas’ duties. Mr. Beyer will be meeting with Ms. Staas tomorrow to discuss trail duties. Mr. Beyer will be replacing Ms. Schlichter when her term expires.

2-Scout Projects

Brightside Farm Info Kiosk/Tree Identification: Scout David Nemeth is working with Mrs. Csete and Tague Lumber to acquire the materials necessary to proceed.

3-Charlestown Park Report and other locations

The Township’s portable restroom near the football field will remain. Members discussed moving or removing it. However, the amount of club traffic warranted the additional unit.

There was a meeting with Township and University representatives. The University is interested in lowering their water bill. However, the sprinklers on the fields are not operational. The Township suggested sub-metering the water. Land acquisition was also discussed, since the soccer clubs could use more fields.

There was an emergency tree removal two weeks ago. Mr. Hubbard said he noticed more trees with large dead limbs, near the soccer field. Mr. Lawrence will contact Mr. Thompson to inspect the trail. Davey tree will probably need to be contacted.

Swiss Pines

The Township originally thought they might gain some land from the will of the recently deceased caretaker. This however, was not the case, since the will had been changed.

Great Valley Nature Center

There is a construction meeting Thursday for tenant fit-out (French and Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust offices). Currently the GVNC is winding down as a legal entity. The land is preserved, therefore the next step will be to stabilize or winterize the buildings, and hopefully in the future the barn will house an educational center run by a non-profit nature group.

At a past Board meeting, Mr. John Grosch introduced himself and his wife. He shared with the Board his desire to live in the Great Valley Nature Center farmhouse. He is a stone mason and carpenter, and proposed living in it as he restored the roof, fencing and stone walls. He shared his contact info with the Board.

However, the Township needs a letter of authority and is not in a position to bring the process to a quick solution. Also, some neighbors have volunteered to be a set of eyes, since policing is likely to become an issue.

4-Brightside Farm

There was a suggestion from Michael Rodgers’ family (former Township Supervisor, recently deceased) for a bench to be placed in his honor along the Brightside Trail. A pavilion will also be named in Mr. Rodgers honor. A memorial tree was briefly discussed, but Mr. Lawrence is waiting to hear back from the Rodgers’ family.

Mr. Lawrence has had a few requests for a portable restroom at the Brightside Trail parking lot. Members felt there was too much road traffic to put one there and will consider an additional one near the barn.

Members discussed the future of the Farm. Ms. Staas pointed to Springton Manor Farm as an example of what she would like to see at Brightside. Members said that the County and Charlestown Cooperative Farm may be able to point to a future farmer, or programs, and procedures for things like clean outs, etc., for when the time comes.

5-Trails Report

Charlestown Landscaping has been slow to mow the trails. It is done, but it took a long time, per Ms. Staas. Mr. Kuhn suggested contacting Denise Hiller for future projects.

Mr. Longua contacted PennDOT and has made progress with the need for crossing signage. There should be two areas marked. One at Hollow Road to Brightside Farm and the other at Brightside Farm to Yellow Springs Road.

There is a butterfly walk September 8th, it is very popular, especially with children.

6-EAC Report

Ms. Staas thanked Ms. Smith for pulling Mile-a-Minute vine. There is still a need for more vine pulling volunteers. Invasive vines and the lack of volunteers has Ms. Armstrong suggesting obtaining help from the County or professionals. Ms. Smith said a well-timed mow is also helpful, Members made a note of this for next year. Lesser celandine and phrasmites, a water reed, are also spreading through the Township. The reeds are at the back side of the soccer field near the snack shack.

7-Charlestown Day September 15th 2018, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

There is a Charlestown Day meeting before the Historical Society concert, July 19. The meeting is at Brightside Farm at 6:30 and the concert is at 7p.m.

Other Business

The Newsletter has many pending articles and there is so much information to be shared, that Mr. Lawrence may discuss changing the expected release date for the next one with Mrs. Csete.

Mr. Lawrence is looking for grants for water cleanup. One of the streams in Charlestown Township has been dropped to a lower grade due to pollutants. Members are hoping a PECO grant, or the County, can fund a cleanup study. Ms. Staas said the stream going through Spring Oak needs attention. The retention pond muddies the stream due to its pre-construction phase, that is compliant with regulations. Ms. Staas called the County but nothing further was achieved.

Ms. Smith was given the go ahead to setup an Instagram account on behalf of Charlestown Parks and Recreation Board. It will be linked to the Facebook page and the Townships website. She welcomes photos from last year and any prior Facebook posts to get things started.


Adjourned at 8:45 p.m.