Charlestown Township Parks & Recreation Board
Great Valley Middle School
Thursday, June 21, 2018

Note:  These minutes weren’t formally approved due to the absence of a quorum.


Parks and Recreation:
Chris Lawrence, Chairperson, Sue Staas, Bil Longua, and Frank Beyer. Marylou Forcine, Karen Schlichter and Jim Quay were absent.
Additional Visitors and Volunteers:
Tim Hubbard, Brian Schlorff, David Nemeth, Keith Maurer(PASC), Charles A. Buck, Ashlee Smith, and Lisa Gardner. Sign in sheet attached.


Mr. Lawrence announced there was a Charlestown Day Meeting prior to tonight’s meeting.

Minutes for Approval

The May minutes were approved.

Old Business

New Business

New Volunteers for Parks and Recreation Board

Mr. Lawrence welcomed new faces. He reminded everyone to try and find more volunteers. Especially since Mrs. Staas is retiring from Trail Chairperson.

Scout Projects

Brightside Farm Info Kiosk/Tree Identification: Scout David Nemeth said he has been working with Mr. Wright and has designed a kiosk compatible with Township signage. He distributed the map called Kiosk Location Plan and described the two-sided features of the kiosk. The side with a locked covered bulletin board will be facing the trail, the other side will display the name Brightside Farm Trail, the Charlestown Township logo, and a map with a “you are here star”. It will be 4’ x 6’ and will contain seasonal content such as the Newsletter and something from the EAC. Mr. Lawrence said keeping the Newsletter on one side will force P&R to take care of updating the information.

Mr. Hogan has volunteered wood for the project. Mr. Buck said to consider the treatment of the wood to make it last, and to remember there is an organic garden. Members discussed using concrete footers, or linseed oil to protect the lumber. The project will be reviewed by Alix and Mr. Kuhn, and then go to the Board for approval. The website, NextdoorCharlestown, may also be a great resource for cedar. Scout Nemeth said he will be emailing Mrs. Csete when it is time to start purchasing.

Mr. Lawrence said the document, Charlestown Township Potential Eagle Scout Projects Based on Community Needs, is now two pages long. The EAC will be reviewing it next and has some additions.

Charlestown Park Report

  1. The restroom stone façade been completed.
  2. PASC Report:

The club is done for the summer except for some training and camp activities. The club’s sign at the Park has been knocked down but will be up again tomorrow. The dumpster is being a nuisance, perhaps due to exiting University students, and he is working with the vendor. There is a tree at Field 4 that is in need of removal. Mr. Lawrence will ask the Roadmaster to call Davey Tree and have it removed.

Also, parking at Maryhill Road and Coldstream Road is again a problem due to visiting teams not using the lots. The University has threatened to ticket and tow cars, and other than putting out orange cones, there is little else PASC can do. It is well marked that car are not to park there.

The rebound wall is approaching the contractor search phase.

Charlestown Day will be discussed at the next PASC meeting, and event of some sort will be coordinated with the Township.

  1. The PMYC Report:

Discussion about a particular portable toilet (near the scorebox building on the promenade) resulted in the decision to remove it for now, since the restrooms are open, then place a new one near the dumpster for off season. This should improve the foot traffic flow, discourage crossing the street, and also be easy to service. It may also help with the safety concern regarding cleats and low traction in the restroom. This toilet’s upkeep will be shared by the PMYC and the Township. It was noted that the PASC has one winter and 3 summer portable toilets.

The PMYC has allowed a rugby team to use their fields. The club needs a place to clean their cleats, so they don’t make a mess in the pavilions. The rugby group is donating a line painter. They are great with communicating with Mr. Lawrence.

The Mill is planning a soft opening before opening to the public. The Township would like to honor everyone who has had a part in bringing it to where it is today. Next, QR codes may be trialed in this historical building. The discussion continued about the use of social media. Ms. Ashlee Smith offered to set up an Instagram account for P&R. Butterfly walks, the Mill grand opening, etc. will get better publicity if the Board uses resources like this, NextdoorCharlestown, and LinkedIn to connect to the Township website.

Brightside Farm

There was a suggestion from Michael Rodgers’ family (former Township Supervisor, recently deceased). They requested a bench along the Brightside Trail be placed in his honor. The P&R already has a new bench, so Mr. Lawrence will forward a map with bench placement options marked by Jan Byrd. Then, the family can choose which spot would be most appropriate. Also, later this year, a pavilion will be named in Mr. Rodgers honor. Mr. Buck would also like another bench in the garden.

Trails Report

  1. Mr. Longua previously mentioned marking the connection of the Horseshoe Trail and Brightside Trail. It is not well marked, except with equestrian signage. Mr. Lawrence ask Mr. Longua to contact PennDOT for trail crossing signage. There should be two areas marked. One at Hollow Road to Brightside Farm and the other at Brightside Farm to Yellow Springs Road. Mr. Lawrence will see if the Historical Commission needs to be involved.
  2. Mrs. Staas needs to find her replacement after serving on Trails for many years. She will share a list of her “Things to Do” with Ms. Smith and Mr. Beyer. Mr. Lawrence suggested reaching out to local trail activists like the Phoenixville and Devault groups too. It will take many volunteers to do all Mrs. Staas’ list.
  3. The Phoenixville Planning Commission and the Greenline Planning Commission are resurrecting the project and discussion continues. Options include the restart of the existing Norristown track to the old Phoenixville Station, which would reconnect Phoenixville to Philadelphia. But this option, would complicate the Devault Rails to Trails project. Mr. Lawrence asked Ms. Smith and other Members to consider being an advocate for the Township.
  4. Mrs. Staas said to be on the look-out for an email announcing the date and time for “Mile a Minute Vine Pulling”. The Pickering Trail, Pickering Dam Trail, and the Brightside Trail, all are becoming infested with this invasive species. The only remedy is to pull it and place it in a trash bag. Mr. Lawrence will also contact the EAC and put the announcement on Facebook.

EAC Report

There was no representative present from the EAC.

Great Valley Mountain Bike Club

Mr. Lawrence said the trail walk with Alix went very well. He said the flags were left-over from trail construction and should be gone now. There was very minor damage to the trails from bikes. The trash that had been reported could not have been the club’s, since they are not in season. There is plenty of parking, and the path for the bikes is safe and built to continually adapt to slow down the bikers. They are using cones for marking the trail crossings.

Charlestown Day September 15th 2018, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Tonight, there was a Charlestown Day meeting before the P&R meeting. There will be:

Charlestown Park Sign

Mr. Lawrence stated that there will be a meeting with someone from the Synagogue of B’nai Jacob to discuss a picture on a WWII marker at the former Valley Forge Military Hospital.

Brightside Farm Garden

Mr. Buck requested funds be placed in the 2019 budget for repairs to the garden fence. Mr. Hubbard said a contractor had suggested placing a board around the bottom outside the fence to act as a shield and deterrent. The board is easily replaceable every few years. Mr. Buck wishes to have exactly what is there now, just a repaired version. The wooden posts are rotting and the lower board needs to be added. Mr. Lawrence will take the request to the Board. Discussion followed about the new posts being metal or concrete and the presence of an easement.

Mr. Buck also asked for suggestions to help him arrive at a Best Practices or Standard Operating Procedure for the coordinated gathering of food from the garden that will be distributed to recipients. It is a very small scope project, but he needs help getting a procedure in place- from the garden to the recipient, in one day.

A fall event for 2018 is in the early planning stages, with Mrs. Staas telling Members that she already has some volunteers.


Adjourned at 9:00 p.m.