Great Valley Middle School
255 North Phoenixville Pike, Malvern, PA
Minutes of Thursday, February 16, 2017


Parks and Recreation:
Chris Lawrence, Frank Byer and Tim Hubbard.
Additional Visitors and Volunteers:
Tim Leary, Chad Sindaco, Brian Schlorff, and Ester Underhill.

Minutes for Approval

The January minutes were approved.

Old Business

Charlestown Day

Mrs. Schlichter was not available, however she has suggested October 10, 2017 for the next Charlestown Day. Mr. Schlorff was the only person to comment. The older teams would be away at tournaments that weekend, but plenty of younger players would be there.

New Business

Great Valley Mountain Biking Team

Mr. Leary presented a slide show of the 2016 season. 25 riders used the trail in grades 6-11. He said many walkers and equestrians had thanked them for establishing the new trail. This spring they want to expand the trail to include a horseshoe shaped loop at the end (south but near the wetlands). They would like to clean out dead brush, and establish a clearing for the beginners trail. This will be presented to the Board for approval. Mr. Hubbard will visit the site after the club marks out the new trail extension. Mr. Lawrence thought the Brightside Trail construction should be finished before the bike season starts on July 1st.

PASC Report

Registration is going well and participation is good. The start date is April 1st. An electrician is coming to check on a non-functioning light near the clubhouse. They may lose the tech school practice fields if the rumored sale goes through, but there will be enough fields for spring. Members discussed the University’s boundaries vs. the Park’s, near a ramp that keeps getting washed out. There was an injury in this location last year. Since it is a safety issue, Mr. Lawrence doesn’t want to wait for the parking lot project, so Mr. Hubbard will have the Roadmaster look at the spot for a suggestion to level it.

A potential swap of the parking lot for the clubhouse land is being loosely discussed. Also, Mr. Lawrence reminded Mr. Schlorff to obtain insurance certifications of any leagues that may want to join them at the park.

Charlestown Park Report

Mr. Hubbard and Mr. Lawrence are considering adding recycling receptacles to the Cold Stream Road side of the Park. Mr. Lawrence will be contacting Mrs. Csete to discuss ordering more receptacles. The balance of the trash collection will continue to be done by Mr. Cabot. However, Mr. Lawrence wants to have a set schedule of collection, including the emptying of recyclables. Charlestown Landscaping is doing janitorial work for the restrooms and pavilions only. He will contact the landscaper to verify responsibilities.

There is also a grant available, and if awarded to the Township, the additional recycling containers could be stored for future use at Brightside Farm, the Mill, or other Township parks.

Mr. Theurkauf is coordinating planting with the landscaper for the expansion of the spring meadow. This should help to resolve erosion near Cold Stream Road, and invasive species problems. Mr. Lawrence also hopes to have Mr. Theurkauf complete the tree labeling, since there are just a few left to be identified.

The Stones presentation received positive comments from the Board of Supervisors.

Mr. Lawrence has contacted the University to see if they would be interested in helping the Township establish a Frisbee Golf course. Currently some of the course is somewhat close to the walking path, and with leeway from the school, some of the holes could be placed in better locations. It was decided that Jenkins Park was not a suitable location due to its smaller size.

2012 Park Usage Planning Report

Members reviewed the Plan and agreed that density and population is going to dictate any future deviations. Mr. Byer suggested dissecting a small section of the Plan at each meeting, since the Plan is 140 pages long.

PMYC Report

Mr. Lawrence will contact the representative to obtain field size requirements and discuss options.

Trails Report

Mr. Lawrence has initiated contact with Mr. Willig of the Board of Supervisors and has begun a conversation about the bike lanes. Next, the Board of Supervisors wants to know what roads the P&R Board are considering. Listed below are the scheduled Township Trail Walks.

#1 Sunday, April 23, 1p.m. which is the day after Earth Day, focused on Pickering wildflowers at the Woolen Mill.
#2 Saturday, May 20, 10 a.m. to follow blazes on the McDevitt Trail
#3 Sunday, June 11, 1 p.m. to visit the birds on the Horseshoe Trail
#4 Saturday, September 9, butterfly identifying at Brightside Farm Park

Earth Day

The Township Earth Day Roadside Spring Clean Up will begin at the Township Office with light refreshments. The event date is April 22 at 9 a.m. and ending at noon.

Other Business

Mr. Lawrence displayed a binder for Trail/Open Space Ambassadors that will be available at the Trail Walks. Trail walks may include some history and information to increase interest.

Adjournment –

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.