Great Valley Middle School
255 North Phoenixville Pike, Malvern, PA
Minutes of Thursday, November 17, 2016


Parks and Recreation: Chris Lawrence, Sue Staas, Laura Assayag and Tim Hubbard.
Additional Visitors and Volunteers: Kevin Kuhn, Ryan Kinka, Jim O’Brien, and Esther Underhill.

Minutes for Approval

The October minutes were approved.

Old Business

Charlestown Day Report

A survey has been sent out to vendors, etc., and Mrs. Schlichter will give a report at the next monthly meeting. Meanwhile, please send benefactor suggestions to Mr. Lawrence for the next year.

New Business

Charlestown Park Report

Construction Update

For 2016

For 2017

Stones by Ryan Kinka

Mr. Kinka distributed handouts describing the history and play of Stones. Mr. Kinka is a resident of East Pikeland and one of the creators of Stones. He presented the non-profit called FoSL (pronounced fossil) also known as The Federation of Stones League (dba Philly Stones League).

The game has courses as close as East Goshen and Fairmount Park, with more country-wide. With very little expense, the league would like to remove invasives in an area of the park and install ground level boundaries (easily mown) for the course. This would take place in all types of uneven terrain (woods or fields), and then they would hold clinics, tournaments, etc. The sport is much like a bocce ball game combined with golf. Therefor the Park is an excellent site, being a former golf course.

The next step would be to invite Mr. Kinka to visit the site and provide the P&R with a sketch course, perhaps near the parking lot at the corner of Coldstream Road and Township Line Road.

PASC Report

The club has provided a demographic report and preliminary 2017 schedule to the Township. The current season is almost over.

PMYC Report

Mr. O’Brien reiterated the clubs desire to have a regulation size field at Charlestown Park. Currently they are playing on a 40’ by 80’ field and need a 50’ by 100’ field to remain competitive with local leagues.

Mr. Lawrence will discuss this with Mr. Theurkauf. Mr. O’Brien will measure and stake out boundaries making sure there is room for expansion. If trees need to come down, Mrs. Underhill suggested planting replacement trees before winter. Mr. Lawrence will contact the Phoenixville Shade Tree Commission for suggestions to line the promenade.

Trails Report

Mrs. Sue Staas stated the Spring Meadows equestrian trail effort is receiving push back due to liability. The residents also have policing concerns although the trail is not a public trail. However, Mr. Kuhn drafted a response that should help the situation per Mrs. Staas. There is a wetland to cross, and after Ingrid Cantarella-Fox visited the site, it was confirmed that a geo-synthetic material with stone, would be a suitable trail substance. Mr. Theurkauf also thought the solution would not require permitting. Riders have agreed to wear markers.

Eagle Scout Nick Warner’s bridge has been repaired by fellow Eagle Scout Nick Warner. Also, the Jack Kesti marker has been removed.

Mrs. Underhill once again, came to remind Members that the designation of pedestrian/bike trails along road sides on a trail, need to be done ahead of PennDOT action. Mr. Lawrence thanked Mrs. Underhill for the reminder. He will research starting from where the former person handling this, stopped.

Other Business

Mr. Lawrence said the Phoenixville River Trail has been presenting to local commissions and is focusing on a 30 year plan for the Phoenixville Greenway Plan. This would connect to the Devault Trail.

The Phoenixville CAT Pickering field behind the school, is being sold, and may see 90 homes. There is an attempt by the _____ to locate the new trail and its buffer between current homeowners and the 90 possible homes.

Early 2017 goals for the Park are stream hardening, meadow planting, and plant identification.

Brightside Farm Park needs to make progress on its 2012 Plan per Mrs. Staas. Mr. Kuhn suggested waiting to see how much traffic the new trail brings, and then begin discussion. Everyone was pleased with the bike club that met there, that season is now concluded.

Adjournment –

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.