Great Valley Middle School
255 North Phoenixville Pike, Malvern, PA
Minutes of Thursday, September 15, 2016


Parks and Recreation: Chris Lawrence, Karen Schlichter, Sue Staas, Frank Beyer.
Additional Visitors and Volunteers: Susan Saunders, Bill Sauerteig, Ray Forester (PASC), Kevin Kuhn, and Alix Coleman.

Minutes for Approval

The August minutes were approved.

New Business

Charlestown Park Report

Construction Update

Mr. Kuhn stated there was a meeting at the Park with the surety representative. At this meeting a punch list was addressed due to construction being dormant for three months. It included:

  1. Curbing around play pits
  2. Back fill along play pits
  3. Playground mulch
  4. Final grading
  5. Installation of hydro seeding or sod
  6. Installation of top parking lot layer
  7. Build Restrooms

The restrooms will probably be built but not finished inside, for Charlestown Day. The park furniture will be pressure washed and at some point street trees may be added to Academic Way. Mr. Kuhn distributed a completion schedule and was very pleased with the spreading of top soil and grading already done. More engineered mulch will be ordered at the expense of the surety. There were some minor change orders issued. All fencing should be down for Charlestown Day.

Disc Golf

Susan Saunders distributed talking points for proposing disc golf at Charlestown Park. She estimated enough room for nine holes/goals on the potentially 30 usable acres of the Park, avoiding the playing field areas. The sport has a low start-up cost, needing only goal areas, baskets, and signage. In addition, there are areas from the golf course, that used to be there, that would be good spots for baskets. Brightside Farm was discussed as a backup park, or for additional goals.

Action Item: Mr. Lawrence is to ask Mr. Detorre for a topological map of the Park.

Eagle Scout Project at Park Flagpole

Scout Tommy Brower proposed a Valley Forge Military Hospital Information Sign area at the last Board of Supervisors meeting. The sign will also include an area to post reservations for the new pavilions. The approved plan included an area with pavers and two benches, but has raised coordination questions with the Park project. Mr. Kuhn discussed editing the proposal to include a garden but remove the paver area since it isn’t ADA compliant.

Action Item: Mr. Lawrence is to contact the Vice President of Valley Forge University regarding the historical signage for the hospital.

Charlestown Day Update

Mrs. Schlichter distributed a map and reviewed the placement of vendors, music, food trucks, and activities. There will be 3 food trucks and a bbq. The Pavilions will shelter the vendors and have benches in them for guests to sit and eat, etc.

The Union mobile tour and a player will be there unless they have a playoff game. The scouts will perform an opening flag ceremony at 10 a.m. The 6-8 portable restrooms are being billed to the surety. Mr. Kuhn suggested a banner for the Park fencing, and then it can be moved to the main entrance.

Friday- setup is at 3 p.m. and chair delivery

Saturday-bounce units are delivered and setup by the company before 10 a.m.

Volunteers needed: Parking, vendor check-in, directing vendors unloading, and supervision at bounce units.

PASC Report

Thank you from Mr. Forester for repairing the cement walk near the PASC parking lot. The window project should be done soon. Mr. Lawrence said grant writing may be slated for future facilities.


No report. The football/hockey field will not be available for play on Charlestown Day, due to activities planned for that location.

Healthy Kids Running

The second season has started and there is an urgent need for volunteers due to the success of the program.

Trails Report

Mrs. Staas discussed the need to edit the standard operating procedure for Eagle Scout Projects in the Township.

Mr. Lawrence moved to approve the procedure change found on the Charlestown Township Boy Scout Eagle Project Application. Mrs. Schlichter seconded. Mr. Lawrence called for discussion, and there being none, called the vote. All were in favor.

Mrs. Staas said there are three properties that contain an equestrian easement in Spring Meadows. The trail can connect to the Horseshoe Trail. Mr. Kuhn suggested sending a letter to every resident in Whitehorse Meadows and Spring Meadows. Then, once vegetation dies back towards winter, there will be a work party to clear the trail.

Brightside Farm & Community Gardens

Mr. Sauerteig requested permission to establish a honeybee hive on the grounds of the Farm this spring. Alix Coleman informed him that a resident had already asked permission but liability questions had arose. Mr. Kuhn said the liability issue was no longer a concern. Mrs. Coleman will connect the two gentlemen.

Other Business

The feasibility study for the conversion of the unused Devault rail line to a biking/walking trail was completed this past year, and submitted to the County. They have added it to their projects list, and Mr. Churchill is leading the charge from that end. Mr. Lawrence, and members of the Phoenixville Green Team/PICTA, presented a progress review on the Phoenixville Greenway Plan adopted by the Phoenixville Board in the 1990’s. This plan includes open space and trails, so the Devault line project fits into it perfectly. The Township Planning Commission was agreeable to the ideas, and impressed by the overall plan and its long history.

In October, the same presentation will be made to the Phoenixville Regional Planning Commission to keep them updated on the recent progress and to start organizing multi-municipality support in order to work with the County once they are ready to go.

Adjournment –

The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 p.m.