At PMYC Clubhouse
Charlestown Park, Phoenixville, PA
Minutes of Thursday, August 18, 2016


Parks and Recreation: Karen Schlichter, Mary Lou Forcine, Jim Quay, and Tim Hubbard.

Minutes for Approval

The July minutes were approved.

New Business

  1. Eagle Scout Projects
  2. Eagle Scout Max Stillwell distributed a drawing for a bridge over a gulley on the Pickering Dam Trail. He was told to consult the Township Engineer, and he will proceed to the Board of Supervisors’ September meeting for final approval.

    Eagle Scout Tommy Brower distributed a drawing for a sign at an area of pavers with benches. The sign will contain information about the history of the Valley Forge Military Hospital so as to provide both commemoration of the facility and all persons involved. It will also educate people about the historical site. Mr. Hubbard and Mr. Kuhn discussed the location choices, one near the flag, and the other near the PMYC clubhouse. Mr. Hubbard will be his contact. This project will also appear on the September Board meeting agenda.

  3. Charlestown Park Report
    1. Construction Update - Mr. Kuhn said the Board had hoped for a signed agreement with the surety by the 19th. The surety company is hesitant to pay the $100 a day damage clause, since this amount with consultant fees is estimated at approximately $10,000. It is very possible the Township will be taking over the project, rather than wait for the surety to comply.
    2. To Do List at the Park
      1. Curbing around play pits
      2. Back fill along play pits
      3. Install playground mulch
      4. Final grading
      5. Install hydro seeding or sod
      6. Install top parking lot layer
      7. Build Restrooms
    3. Picnic Tables - Mr. Kuhn thought refurbishing the surrounding tables was a good scout project. Purchasing new or refurbishing the old tables was discussed further. Some tables need to be converted to be handicap accessible.
  4. Charlestown Day Update
  5. Mr. Kuhn and Mrs. Schlichter discussed opening up the fenced in area to allow movement on Charlestown Day. The electric is completed, but temporarily disconnected for construction safety reasons. Mr. Stevens said Healthy Kids Running starts on September 18th and will last for five Sundays. It begins at 5pm and he has thirty children registered at this point. There is no firm plan yet, for HKR to participate on Charlestown Day.

    Mrs. Schlichter’s updates:

    Scout Nick Warner finished the bridge over the Jack Kesti Trail near the ice dam. Scout Nick Stillwell will begin his build on a raised trail extension next weekend. The scout troop has been a terrific support for the trails in Charlestown.

    Scout Evan Aho has committed to identifying and labeling trees and plants along the Pickering Trail.

    This fall a trail will need to be cut from the White Horse Trail bordering White Horse Meadows, and connecting through Spring Meadows Development to Howells Road. Hopefully another scout or scouts will work on this project.

    Next year Mrs. Staas hopes to focus on the trail connection between the elementary school and the nature center. It is part of the Horseshoe Trail, but the trail is shifting. The portion of the trail will become a Township trail with many gullies to bridge.

  6. PSAC Report
  7. Preliminary discussions are continuing regarding the new clubhouse. Several teams will be at the field on Charlestown Day. There has been no further vandalism.

  8. PMYC report - no update

Other Business

Mr. Kuhn stated the Brightside Trail paving project will be ready for bid soon.

Mr. Leary stated the bike club is doing great. They have cut a new trail that is getting very good reviews.

Adjournment –

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm.