Great Valley Middle School
255 North Phoenixville Pike, Malvern, PA
Minutes of Thursday, June 16, 2016


Parks and Recreation: Chris Lawrence, Chairman, Sue Staas, Laura Assayag, and Tim Hubbard. Jim Quay joined the meeting at 8 p.m.
Additional Visitors and Volunteers: Ester Underhill, Jim O’Brien (PMYC), and Pat Doud (PASC).

Old Business

  1. Mr. Lawrence had no update on picnic tables and bench repair.
  2. The handicap access to Coldstream Road is not a pressing issue, and has no viable solution. If need be it will be readdressed in the future.

New Business

  1. Charlestown Park Report

    1. Construction Status Update-The Township has terminated the contractor, Out of Site Construction. The surety company is now in control since the company failed to submit any viable recovery plans. Mr. Kuhn and Mr. Detorre will be meeting to discuss the possibility of one of the subcontractors taking over. The work at the Park could resume as soon as June 21st, 2016.
    2. An estimated time of completion would be approximately 2 months. The initial contractor was not overpaid.
    3. Invasive species at the Thompson Trail, Pickering Trail, and Charlestown Park are going to be removed in sections.
    4. Mr. Lawrence will check with Mr. Theurkauf about what plants to use to replace the invasives.
    5. The nature trail at the Park will be weed wacked and mulched, and some trees need to be downed. Mr. Lawrence will contact the landscaper to do this as soon as possible.
    6. Mr. Lawrence marked native species of trees but did not label them. However, the mow may need to wait until the fall, now that the contractor is busy. Then wildflower seed will be spread.
  2. PASC

    1. The cement walkway has a large drop due to erosion; it is causing problems for people that have trouble walking, and strollers. Mr. Hubbard will email Mr. Wright to discuss a survey of the spot. The paving should not be done during high usage times. Also the access road needs more stone since trash trucks are beginning to sink. Weeds are also getting high and need some control. A survey would define who needs to take care of the area.
    2. Mr. Wright does not need to be called about the lights from Phoenixville Area School District. They are too old to reuse.
    3. The sidewalk near the stone driveway, and the dumpster area, are not getting weed wacked.
    4. The portable restrooms are staying for the summer.
    5. Mr. Lawrence wants to meet with Mr. Doud to discuss grants for the lighting, because the renovation at the school will not be providing second hand lights.
  3. PMYC

    1. Mr. O’Brien said the Board at PMYC liked the idea of a shared space with the PASC.
    2. The University would like to put an athletic booth where the shared clubhouse would be. However, the property is in Charlestown Township.
    3. The lacrosse field, having underground irrigation, is always wet. No one present knew if the system worked or not. This month, he again requested that the field be crowned and dryer. Mr. Lawrence said that this late stage improvement is being pushed back due to the surety company needing to take over.
    4. Mr. O’Brien also stated again that the football field needs to be regulation sized to compete with a local club. Football is the clubs most popular sport. He discussed shifting the field and removing the aged pines and their root systems. The field work can be coordinated with the lacrosse team usage.
    5. Mr. O’Brien said he has some volunteers willing to work around the former fence location to clean up the weeds and debris.
  4. GVMS Mountain Bike Club

    1. Mr. Hubbard met with the representative from the group at Brightside Farm to look at the tentative practice trails marked with flags. The only spot that caused any concern for Mr. Hubbard, and the Board of Supervisors, was in the north eastern boundary close to a neighbor, where they planned remedial training. This will be relocated to a different flat area.
    2. Some of the kids have already helped clear some trail.
    3. Practice should start later in July.
    4. Bikes will be allowed on the paved trail at Brightside Farm. Rules will be posted.
    5. It is apparent that trail etiquette is emphasized by the group.
    6. One of the instructors has been given “Authorized Vehicle” status so he can drive on the trail.
  5. Charlestown Day Update

    1. The next meeting will be at the PMYC clubhouse at the Park. It is a white masonry building on the edge of the large parking lot. It is not clearly marked as a clubhouse.
    2. The August meeting will be there also, unless the pavilions are usable. It will be mainly about Charlestown Day.
  6. Trails Report

    1. Mrs. Staas said she made progress today on the equestrian trail along Whitehorse Meadows. An intern from Advanced GeoServices walked the trail route with her. They found enough room on the side of Whitehorse Road to be used for a trail. The fencing and property lines are not a problem. In Spring Meadows there are three lots that the trail will have to go through. The next step is to contact the HOA and the three owners. Although the owners must let the trail progress through, Mrs. Staas is hoping for a smooth discussion with the parties. These easements are often buried in the sale documents, owners may not be aware of the Township’s rights. Mr. Beyer is going to help since he knows some of the neighbors. The Transcontinental Pipeline will be contacted by Mrs. Staas. She said there were no structures in the way, but needs to know what the restrictions may be. There is a home that has the pipeline in the front yard.
    2. Mr. Lawrence said they need to set up a schedule between the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, the P&R, and the state of PA, regarding plant identification.
    3. The Pickering Trail stairs near Charlestown Road will be inspected by Mr. Hubbard for erosion.
    4. Mr. Hubbard received a complaint about someone walking a dog off the leash and having an altercation with another dog. The leash rules will be enforced.
    5. Mr. Lawrence suggested contacting Kelsey at Theurkauf Design and Planning for finding out property boundaries in that area.
    6. The graffiti remover is still aware of the unfinished project on the Pickering Trail.
    7. Mr. Quay said some trees need to come down near the dam. Mr. Lawrence suggested bringing pictures to the next meeting.
    8. Mr. Lawrence walked the Pickering Preserve with Mr. Theurkauf. Crossing Route 29 is a problem, it may warrant crossing under the bridge.
    9. Rails to Trails connecting issues for 2017 were discussed.
  7. Friends of Charlestown Update

    Mr. Lawrence filed all the papers and is now waiting for IRS questions or approval.

  8. Miscellaneous

    There was a complaint about trash overflowing near the Park wet lands.

    The Board of Supervisors is drafting a thank you letter for Peter Warner’s Boy Scouts. They have been excellent trail stewards.

    There will be a high level of coordination between Peter Warner, Mrs. Staas, and Mr. Lawrence regarding trail projects, platforms, and erosion control, etc.

    Mr. Dowd said there is an area along Coldstream Road, hidden by the grass that is eroding and needs to be repaired. There is also a spot near the benches. Mr. Lawrence suggested filling the spots with stone and installing screen to keep the stones from washing away.

    There is a trail map to view all spots discussed in tonight’s meeting, it is on the Charlestown Township’s website.

    There is an app called MyZip that has all the trails for a specific zip code entered by the user.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.