Great Valley Middle School
255 North Phoenixville Pike, Malvern, PA
Minutes of Thursday, April 14, 2016


Parks and Recreation: Chris Lawrence, Chairman(via phone), Marylou Forcine, Karen Schlichter, Sue Staas, Laura Assayag, and Tim Hubbard.
Additional Visitors and Volunteers: Kevin R. Kuhn and Michael Stevens.

The minutes for March were approved.

Old Business

  1. Mr. Lawrence will follow up on picnic tables and bench repair.
  2. Mr. Hubbard will contact Renaissance Academy to see if they have golf cart access to help with handicapped options.

New Business

  1. Equestrian Trail Along Whitehorse Meadows
  2. Mrs. Staas walked the trail and she has volunteers from the Township and Whitehorse Meadows. Next, she will be checking on the Altemose access and might contact the pipeline company, to notify them of the unauthorized fencing on their easement.

  3. Spring Environmental Events
    1. Earth Day Cleanup: April 16th Township Office (Rain Date April 23rd)
    2. William Penn Foundation Region Trails event April 16th - Phoenixville Farmer’s Market
    3. Hazardous Waste Drop Off: April 16th 2016 Technical College High School (THCS), 1580 Charlestown Road
    4. Penn Future presentation on Federal Plan for Clean Power Plan April 20th at St. Peter’s Church, in Phoenixville at 7 p.m.
    5. SRHA Spreekend French Creek Cleanup - April 23rd Phoenixville Farmer’s Market at 9 a.m.
    6. Recycling Day: May 7th TCHS, 1580 Charlestown Road
    7. Recycling Day: June 18th Phoenixville Area High School, 1200 Gay St.
    8. There is a Wild Flowers Walk along the Pickering Creek this Sunday, April 17th at 1 p.m. Meet at the Mill on Charlestown Road, parking is behind the Mill.
    9. There is a Bird Walk along the Pickering Creek, on Sunday April 24, 7:45 a.m. Meet at the Mill on Charlestown Road, park behind the Mill.
    10. Butterflies at the Gardens at Brightside Farm. This walk is Sunday August 14 at 1 p.m. Brightside Park is on Yellow Springs Road. Park diagonally in front of the gardens and meet the group along the lane.
  4. Charlestown Park Report

    The contractor has fallen behind schedule and is not expected to be at the completion point estimated for the end of April. The bathrooms are not near completion, but may actually be dismantled, and rebuilt to Township specifications. The mid May completion date is now questionable.

    • Paving the sidewalks has begun.
    • Mr. Detorre is checking the depth of the parking lot paving.
    • A water line broke near the tennis courts. Mr. Kuhn said they are waiting for PA 1 Call then it will be repaired at a time and material cost.
    • Parking lights and pavilion lights are functioning. (Pavilions done)
    • Ballards for Academic Way are being installed.
    • 3 or 4 playground areas are being redone due to storm drain issues.
    • There will be a meeting with the Penn State Extension, and a representative of the Park and Rec, with the Eagle Scout and his parents regarding tree identification.

    The new park rules were approved at the April Board of Supervisors Meeting.

  5. Phoenixville Area Soccer Club

    Mr. Lawrence stated that the Club may be acquiring used directional field lighting from the Phoenixville Area School District. The lighting should not be a problem, as it was been used in a residential area near the school. Mr. Kuhn suggested club members begin the process of permitting and obtaining photo metrics with the Township Engineer, Mr. Wright. Data should be easily obtained since the units have not been dismantled.

  6. Phoenixville Marion Youth Club

    There was a tree that took down some wires, but it was moved, with the electrical work done by H. B. Frazer Company.

  7. Healthy Kids Running Series
    1. Mr. Stevens announced that the first day about 70 participants were in attendance. He was very short on volunteers, and had to rely on parents to help.
    2. For the next meet he plans on tweaking the courses.
    3. There is a parent map on the website for HKR that is now available. They are using the football field.
    4. For Charlestown Day he plans on giving Mrs. Schlichter contact information for the 5280 Race Series organizers. This race is affiliated with HKR, and is looking for a venue for a single mile run.
  8. Great Valley Middle School Mountain Bike Club

    This newly formed club is searching for a location to teach beginners the basics of mountain biking.

    As long as bikers are aware that they are to yield to walkers on the trail it is permissible.

    Mr. Stevens offered to help this group. Wet trails unpaved trails should not be ridden, it is too damaging to them. Park & Rec members felt there were many options, Brightside being the best for the earliest beginner lessons. Horseshoe Trail is a good size since it is long, and the McDevitt and Thompson Trail could suit well also. Members felt it was a good way to get people familiar with the different trails; Mr. Lawrence will contact them about next steps. Mr. Wright is moving the Brightside Trail paving higher on his priority list.

  9. Charlestown Day Update

    Six food vendors have signed up so far, many political figures are also scheduled to make an appearance. Members discussed the field layout on Charlestown Day.

    The Great Valley Community Organization talked with Mr. Lawrence and Mrs. Schlichter about being the 2016 beneficiary for Charlestown Day. This organization has after school, drug prevention, sports, senior and alcohol programs, but they are outgrowing their rented building. They are closely associated with not only Charlestown Township but also with the Schuylkill and Phoenixville area. Members thought this was an organization that could raise awareness of Township Park and Rec amenities, like the GVMS Mountain Bike Club. Mrs. Schlichter will invite them to the May or June meeting.

  10. Trails Report & More

    Members are waiting to hear back from Eagle Scouts regarding various Township related projects.

    Mr. Lawrence sought Member opinion of classes to raise awareness of the Township trails. A series of three classes, with a small autumn graduation ceremony, in the fall entitled Safety and First Aid on Trails. Trail captain training options were also discussed. Mr. Hubbard will contact a trainer for First Aid.

  11. Friends of Charlestown 501C( 3)

    Mr. Lawrence is completing the paperwork at least to the IRS level. He told Members there will need to be a Board or Officers, he being one, Mrs. Schlichter, and then he invited Mrs. Forcine and Mrs. Staas.

  12. Miscellaneous

    Mrs. Assayag was welcomed as the newest Member.

    Mr. Lawrence stated he was contacted by a local yoga instructor about classes in the park.

    Mr. Lawrence asked Members about a separate opening day for the pavilions and playground area. Members were unwilling to organize an additional day and thought the spring date would detract from Charlestown Day. Mr. Lawrence agreed it was hard to plan with the delay in construction this month.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:50.