Board of Supervisors: Kevin Kuhn, Charlie Philips
Planning Commission: Bill Westhafer, Andy Motel, Michael Richter
Staff: Linda Csete, Jim Thompson
Consultants: Tom Comitta
Traffic Planning & Design: Rob Prophet, Wayne Droesser
Public: Frank Boyle, proprietor, Office Bar & Grille

Call to Order:

4:00 pm

Route 29/Yellow Springs/Warner Lane Intersection - Traffic & Pedestrian Safety Concerns

The purpose of this meeting is to review alternatives for improving pedestrian safety through additional signage and traffic calming measures at the intersection of Route 29 and Warner Lane/Yellow Springs Road, particularly in consideration of the impending completion of the Marriott hotel and new restaurants on both sides of the Turnpike slip ramp.

Mr. Prophet said he and Mr. Droesser met with Paul Lutz, PennDOT Signal Supervisor earlier today at the intersection to observe traffic. An Agenda prepared by Mr. Prophet is attached to these minutes and provides a list of potential modifications for the intersection.

Mr. Prophet stated that Mr. Lutz was agreeable to changing the signals to an all red phase for 26 seconds when one of the Pedestrian signals is activated. This would solve the problem with the exception of those turning right on red who don’t properly stop before turning. Adding “no turn on red” signs wasn’t considered an option as it would have too much of an impact on traffic movement.

Since Warner Lane is a township-owned road, there is more latitude on traffic calming options. Items discussed were installing a concrete mountable median, speed bump, cross walk reflectors or strobe lights; however, all of these options create a winter maintenance problem due to damage from plows. Jersey barriers were considered; this would also force pedestrians to using the crosswalk. Raised pavement and installing an island were also mentioned as options.

Mr. Motel noted that the “No Pedestrian Crossing” signs at Yellow Springs Road are seen from Route 29 at various angles that mislead drivers into thinking there are no crossings at all for that intersection. Mr. Prophet said the signs can be moved back but they must be there according to state law. Adding crosswalks at Yellow Springs Road wouldn’t meet ADA requirements unless a retaining wall was constructed, plus Verizon has facilities installed that would interfere.

Relocating the crosswalks by moving them closer to the intersection, or painting the existing ones in a continental style for greater visibility was also discussed. Additional signage was considered, yet that can be ineffective when it creates a cluttered effect.

Tom Comitta distributed two diagrams of the intersection, with page 1 outlining various problems with visibility and traffic behavior and page 2 being an aerial view. He referred to a sign his firm designed for Cranberry Township that depicts a family walking on the crosswalk, and also suggested constructing a speed table, primarily to slow trucks down. He noted the parking lot lights from the Marriott will help illuminate Warner Lane once construction is completed.

Mr. Motel said part of the problem is that Warner Lane is a smaller side road but drivers use it as though it was a major road since they’re accessing it from 4-lane Route 29. He suggested a “welcome to Charlestown” sign that will help drivers realize they’re entering a village area.

Mr. Kuhn suggested adding an attenuator at Point #6 on the map where the striped pavement divides Warner Lane approaching Route 29. Mr. Prophet said plastic poles could be utilized, though they take maintenance since they get hit frequently.

Following the discussion, the group agreed to move forward with the all-red signals during pedestrian crossing and installation of plastic tubular sticks at area #6 on Warner Lane. Mr. Boyle said the all - red signals would be a good way to start addressing the problem. After these measures are in place the Planning Commission will re-evaulate to determine if further action is needed.

Other Business

Mr. Philips asked Mr. Prophet to take a look at the left turn signal from Phoenixville Pike onto Charlestown Road, which currently has a green arrow but no extended green light following it, to determine if this can be modified during off-peak hours. Mr. Prophet agreed to do so.

Action Items

  1. Township: Authorize Traffic Planning & Design to revise Traffic Plan - place on Nov. 2nd Supervisors Agenda.
  2. Traffic Planning & Design: Submit revised Traffic Plan to PennDOT for approval to include all-red signal during pedestrian crosswalk activation.
  3. PennDOT: Extend striping from Warner Lane further into Route 29 intersection.
  4. Township Supervisors: Approve installation of tubular sticks with reflectors in striped area of Warner Lane - place on Nov. 2nd Supervisors Agenda.
  5. Township Planning Commission: Revisit intersection conditions following the implementation of the actions outlined above.
  6. Traffic Planning & Design: Check into providing an extended green light for turning left onto Charlestown Road from Phoenixville Pike during off-peak hours.


5:00 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. Csete
Township Manager


Route 29 / Yellow Springs Road / Warner Lane
Traffic Signal and Intersection Refinement
Coordination Meeting
October 20, 2015

  1. Introductions
  2. Review of Existing Conditions
  3. Discussion of Safety Concerns
    1. Right Turns from Yellow Springs Road onto NB Route 29
    2. Left Turns from NB Route 29 to Warner Lane
  4. Potential Intersection Modifications
    1. Pedestrian Warning Signs (Wll-2 Sign)
    2. Relocate No Ped Crossing Signs
    3. Re-Grade Embankment
    4. Continental Cross Walks
    5. Leading Pedestrian Interval
    6. Cross Walk Reflectors
    7. Relocate Cross Walks and Extend Sidewalk Closer to Intersection
    8. “All Red” Traffic Signal
    9. Concrete Mountable Median
    10. Additional Intersection Lighting
  5. Follow Up
  6. Open Discussion