Charlestown Township
Historical & Architectural Review Board
Great Valley Middle School
Minutes of Tuesday, March 17, 2015

TO: Board of Supervisors; HARB/ Historic Commission Members
FROM: Fran Rodgers, Co-chair, HARB/Historic Commission
SUBJECT: HARB/ Historic Commission Meeting

HARB met on March 17th at the GVMS. Members present are in bold: Linda Appier, Tom Fillipo, Dale Frais, Sheila Klement, Ann Kline, Wendy Leland, Nancy Long, Rosemary Philips, John Pittock, Fran Rodgers, Dan Wright.

The meeting opened with greeting Tom Fillipo as our new member and Tom spoke about his background in Charlestown Township, his lifetime residence in the township and his interest in its history.

The decision by the BOS on the Marshall project was presented with the short description that the evening program had been denied and the daytime program with youth groups was accepted along with 35 conditions attached. One condition applied to HARB in that for any contemplated improvement or change for the property, the Marshalls must appear before HARB for our comment and recommendation to the BOS for appropriateness. Dale commented that usually we would not be involved except for exterior changes but since the BOS had made this a condition, it would be carried through. Dale also presented an update on Brightside Farm activity. J. Bravo had been awarded the contract for outside repairs to the Farmhouse and they had the option of doing the work either during the winter or waiting for spring. Because of the severe weather this winter, they decided to wait until spring. He thought that Rosemary Philips would probably outline work necessary on the outer farm buildings and ask the BOS at upcoming meetings that this work be placed on the budget. It is our desire that the work started will give momentum to proceed with subsequent needed work.

Wendy Leland updated us on projects before the Planning Commission. Presently, they are considering the Altemose Division which entails 58 acres and 19 new residences. Also, work has begun on the Marriott Motel with a planned motel and also a commercial area. She mentioned the 900 new dwellings planned for at Atwater. Those are not in our township but would impact the GVSD. The Spring Oaks project is moving along and both she and Dale felt that the Springhouse had been done nicely. Tom was asked about his project and he said that adjustments were being made and then it would proceed.

There was a question about the work at the Playhouse and why it had not been completed since approvals had been given, Nancy said that there may be a problem with adjoining property but had no further details.

Some of us were aware that a public meeting of Parks and Recreation had been scheduled for March 19th and it would be considering the trail on Brightside Farm . Since the Trail could impact on the Wisner/Rapp House and the historic trail near the property we were concerned. Most members were not in favor of any change if it involved an 8 foot paved trail. There was a suggestion that a paved loop might be done near the garden end and also that some other surface could be used rather than macadam. Concern was because of security issues, destruction of an unique viewshed, and availability of another park with paved surfaces,

(Ann Kline and Fran Rodgers attended the meeting with Parks and Rec on Thursday and these and other issues were discussed. Because of restrictions from the easement agreement, some of our concerns could not be taken care of. There will not be a paved path in front or near the Wisner House and plans seem to recognize mat views would be a consideration. Final plans will be forthcoming.)

The next meeting of HARB will be on May 19th.