Charlestown Township
Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC)
Meeting Minutes
Monday, April 17, 2023

Meeting was held at Township Office 11 General Warren Blvd., Suite 1. Armstrong opened the meeting at 7:06.

Carol Armstrong, (Chair), Meg Solomon (Secretary), Stephanie Yocum, Sharon Richardson, Anu Soundararajan. Visitors: Kevin Kuhn

Note: Chris Heleniak is our township manager.

March Minutes approved.

Place Holders:

Reminder of EAC-initiated projects for next 6+ months:

Old Business

  1. Earth Day - a cleanup volunteer offered to donate his company volunteer stipend to a non-profit of our recommendation - Armstrong recommended GVWS, French and Pickering Creek Conservation Trust.

New Business

  1. Single Use Plastic bags/items ban - Anu S. volunteered to take leadership role on moving this forward. Next step - identify the scope of the problem in Charlestown, fact finding. Motion Passed to start development for consideration by the BoS.
  2. Charlestown Oaks HOA - seepage bed problem - no formal recommendations but Kuhn suggested having seriously considered proposals reviewed by the Charlestown engineer, Dan Wright from Montrose. Also mentioned were Chester Valley Engineers, Meliora. Solomon has the action item to pass this information on to the HOA.
  3. Hazardous Waste disposal schedule - The listing of dates and locations is on the Township Website under .
  4. Wild Flower walk - Is EAC interested in taking this on from Parks and Rec? Armstrong will get back to Cordelia Kane and suggest she go back to Parks and Rec. and solicit another member of that committee for help.

Ongoing Business

  1. RES Work at Brightside Park - no update.
  2. Birdtown - Armstrong attended spring gathering in Goodman’s absence. Learned about programs available related to increasing native bird populations.
  3. Keep PA Beautiful - Walker has not been able to start this yet. Charlestown Road is the target clean-up road.
  4. Stream Naming
    1. Mushpekat Creek - Application is complete for official naming. Armstrong has a connection to someone who is knowledgeable about Indian affairs. PA Lenape locations - Easton, Allentown. One of these groups is self-identifying which is no longer recognized. The Allentown location is recognized where the Lenape have a satellite office of the Oklahoma main location. Armstrong and Goodman are going to Allentown to discuss with a contact she received in Allentown. Others expressed interest in also going.
    2. Headwater tributary at Charlestown Park -perennial stream that starts at Charlestown Park. There is a process for naming. Armstrong researched historical records. No atlases or maps have names for this or other southern French Creek tributaries. The only historical reference is to the Wagoner family. Armstrong suggested Wagoner. Tom Comitta suggested Foster Run. Armstrong will follow up with Comitta to discuss.
  5. Pennsylvania Native Species Day, May 18th, 2023 - Goodman is the chair of subcommittee. Armstrong sent all materials to Csete but they haven’t been posted on the website yet ( as of this update to the minutes they have been posted). The links for the quiz and kids activities are in the website posted announcements.

    Green found great donors. Also developed and distributed a poster announcing the event. Great work Jill! Includes native birds, animals, water species, plants/trees. Goodman creating questions for adults. Give away - native seeds, free meal or drink for most correct answers? Another suggestion - educational books on native species. Put children’s artwork in the newsletter. Judy Goodman researching where to get donation of seeds (Uhlers). Green is willing to contact RES to see if they would be willing to furnish giveaways.

  6. Invasive Species - State exploring programs for invasive species. Money has been allocated in PA budget. Richardson suggested giving incentives to residents who will remove invasive species from their property. She also suggested putting a notice in newsletter with a list of xx (TBD) number of invasive species to remove for a ‘prize’. Nature News topic for April is on this topic. Main take-aways: Don’t buy- Burning Bush, Japanese Barberry, Olive, Butterfly Bush, Forsythia.
  7. Nature News - Solomon sent Csete all back issues of NN. She will post all on website. Solomon will look to see what Linda posted and Armstrong suggested creating an index to post along with it.
  8. White Pine Disease - Township fertilized these trees. It will help to fortify them and hopefully allow them to survive the blight.
  9. Battery Collection - Now available - containers are in the Lobby of the township building and at the Devault Post Office. Information is on the website. Can show people the bucket at election day (to educate). Walker suggested collection days at schools, maybe in October.
  10. Township Newsletters - (due dates are: 1/15, 4/15, 7/15, 10/15): Future topic ideas include:
    1. what to do when you hit a deer (good topic for fall).
    2. tour of invasive species.

    Everyone should think about articles they would like to write for the next issue.

  11. Community Education - no update beyond what is already planned. Will see how Native Species Day goes.
  12. Brightside and Deerfield riparian buffers- The EAC will have a workday to clean them up and do a status check. Goodman needs to contact Deerfield about mowing the meadow in March. Goodman and Walker to contact Heleniak for permission to mow at Brightside so the EAC can work on riparian buffer phase 1.
  13. Charlestown riparian buffer opportunities - The EAC will look at the site in Charlestown Park near the playing fields. Sunday April 23rd at 3:00. Meet at high end of park - parking lot closest to Township Line Rd. Wear wet-appropriate gear.
  14. Piatek voiced concern about her availability. - Since she is an alternate member Armstrong encouraged her to do what she can, and she agreed to continue.
  15. We Conserve PA - offered to train us 1x1 to create a GIS map. Armstrong will send an email with a suggestion.
  16. Portable Tent - Should we buy one to use for outdoor events? Solomon will ask WCFC what happened to the ones we used during COVID outdoor shopping.
  17. Turnpike Maintenance Facility - connection and use of the water system. Turnpike assured the board that there will no water issues for Charlestown Oaks. Aqua issued them a permit.
  18. Change meeting time to 6-8. Proposal made - Armstrong will email Goodman and Walker to see if they would be ok with this. Everyone at the meeting was ok with the idea.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10.