Charlestown Township
Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC)
Meeting Minutes
Monday, June 13, 2022

Meeting was held at GVMS Choral Room. Armstrong opened the meeting at 7:04.

Carol Armstrong, (Chair), Meg Solomon (Secretary), Veda Maany, Pete Goodman, Dan Walker (Vice Chair), Stephanie Yocum (member). Visitors; Jill Green

May 2022 minutes were approved.


  1. RES Proposal for Brightside – BoS has approved the proposal and Task 1 (see proposal sent by Motel- requires no actual work in year 1.) Moving forward is a bit delayed because a lawyer is reviewing the proposal and the contract is not yet signed. Goodman did an inventory of the trees growing in hedgerow to learn if there are trees that should be preserved as wildlife forage. There are many Black Cherries, Mulberries and Walnuts.
  2. PennDOT Program for Road Adoption for clean-ups – Are we interested in participating? Armstrong explained some of the requirements. The EAC will think about it. It would be nice to ‘adopt a highway’- we would get a sign that might bring more attention to us and solicit more community interest. Armstrong will research list of roads that are up for adoption. Find out if the roads can be closed while cleaning.
  3. Nature News – July topic will be related to water in township.


  1. Charlestown Day planning. Date hasn’t been announced yet. Richardson contacted Stephanie Robinson from P&R about ideas for EAC table. She was responsive and will get back to us with ideas. Richardson and Maany will be a team to start the planning and bring ideas to the EAC.
  2. Tree ID Walk work was done. In future Veda will collect attendees for future EAC events. Solomon will add people who signed up to our mailing list.
  3. Sign at Brightside was installed. Walker and his son, Carter, worked with Goodman and Armstrong to install the sign. Armstrong thanked them for their excellent work. A commemorative American Plum tree was planted to thank Esther Estes for her service on the EAC. Picture to be sent to Csete for display on Charlestown website.
  4. Weed Warriors – Armstrong couldn’t go to the June 5th meeting. Maany and Ashley Byer from P&R went but were not able to do too much because the trail is so overgrown. Did pick some garlic mustard and narrow leaf bittercress on Pickering trail. Follow-up with Frank Byer about how he did in past. Two issues – trail maintenance which is owned by P&R and pulling invasives. Need a meeting between P&R and the EAC.
  5. Tree Ordinances – SALDO tree protection ordinance will be reviewed again by PC before sent to the BoS. Meeting this week to discuss. Walker and Goodman going. Dan Wright wants to require a permit to take down trees.
  6. Bird Town – Committee to include Pete Goodman as Chair, Andy Motel of Planning Commission, and Carol Armstrong and Stephanie Yocum of the EAC. Motel took questions directly to Bird Town PA coordinator Heidi Shiver. She addressed all of Motel’s questions. Motel says he does not want to go to meetings. Still soliciting volunteers. Paul Stevens responded. Audubon is partnering with a lot of other organizations for certifications. Once we are members, we would get the Bird Town signs.
  7. Township newsletter – July 15 is next deadline. Armstrong writing article about diversity of aquatic and bird species in riparian area. Jill Green will write an article about the Tree ID walk. Maany will write one on Bats. There is a new township manager to take Csete’s place. Still submit articles to Csete until announcement.
  8. Riparian Buffers - Armstrong and Goodman checked on the Deerfield Riparian buffer. Most plantings doing well. Brightside Riperian Buffer – Goodman did see Ailanthus trees. He will contact Csete about getting them treated again in fall. Buffer trees doing well. They are growing above the tubes. Armstrong saw Elderberries – doing very well. Armstrong and Goodman did other work like cleaning out dead shrubs. Armstrong still has to plant blueberries from plant stock we have.
  9. Open Land Conversancy – Kendig property, to be a preserve, transects East Whiteland and Charlestown. No update.
  10. Next Education – Armstrong asked Philadelphia Metro Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to provide a talk on Wild Neighbors ability to survive in winter. Maybe will bring an animal. Thinking October Requires $250.00 for the presentation. Topic – what we can do to help animals survive in the winter.
  11. Charlestown Riparian Buffer Survey of potential sites – Michael Bullard of Green Valleys Watershed Assoc. might be able to provide a GIS map of Charlestown and its riparian buffers and streams.
  12. No update on Beautification Basins.

Meeting ended at 9:00