Charlestown Township
Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC)
Meeting Minutes
Monday, June 14, 2021

Due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the meeting was held remotely via Zoom.

Attendees present:
Carol Armstrong (vice chair), Veda Maany (secretary), Daniel Walker, Meg Solomon, Ester Estes and Sharon Richardson. Pete Goodman – absent.

Carol Armstrong (vice chair) opened the meeting at 7:05 pm.

Minutes were approved on a motion by Richardson, seconded by Walker, and were approved unanimously.

Devault Trail Project Overview Open House – June 15th 7p.m. everyone should have received a post card in the mail. Members of EAC are planning on attending

Richardson had previously discussed the coordinating of EACs to come together as a consortium but specifics about Weed Wrangle PA, invasive weed ID and Control were not discussed.

Meeting in person –

have to see what is available for room. Must communicate with Csete. Can we do a hybrid version during winter months? Two options- remote only winter months vs hybrid.

Foster and Bodine development –

Maany will touch base again to reach Dan Wright as he did not respond to her email. Issue of stormwater management during construction and concerns for after construction. The project is meeting stormwater standards per township.

Annual meeting on recycling –

Armstrong attended and gave summary: A township decides if it wants to sign up for a township hauler- but as a small town we don’t do it. There are disadvantages and advantages- Schuylkill did a survey of the residents of an HOA about their interest in using a single hauler and they voted no- township then can’t institute practices to improve their recycling practices.

Mission statement –

Solomon wrote a final version and is waiting for approval from EAC members. Will put on our agenda for next meeting. And further discussion about having a Facebook page.

Deerfield riparian buffer –

as of June 5th all trees have been planted- over 200! Thanks to Dan Walker for watering them. Great volunteer participation- from Deerfield residents as well, Valley Forge Trout Unlimited, and Master Watershed Stewards.

Pigeon run riparian buffer –

ailanthus trees are ongoing effort – hack and squirt was done in March – removing trees in April – were to wait until trees were dead before removal.

Pigeon Run riparian buffer at Brightside – Some 2nd phase buffer trees are already emerging out of tubes and netting has been pulled down. Button bushes are coming up. Looking successful. Some phase 1 trees are American plum trees and have small plums!

Pollinator program –

Campaign to reduce lawns and plants pollinators with Cross-municipal EAC campaign. Richardson attended and gave update on event.

EAC Google drive – social media folder- Richardson can put her PowerPoint slides for pollinator talk on there. We discussed ways of marketing our future talks. Richardson will plan on giving a pollinator talk suited for fall plants - sometime in August? Armstrong will check with Csete with some potential dates- 11th or 18th at 7 pm. We can advertise plant sales taking place for fall plantings. - send to Solomon to publish on Nature News.

Community presentation –

streams of Charlestown by Goodman – scheduled for 3rd week of September tentatively.

Other ideas? Richardson recommends someone from Tyler Arboretum. We also would like someone who can ID trees on an organized walk perhaps sometime in the Spring. Richardson has some suggestions.

All EAC members are requested to submit their feedback about the latest Nature News Solomon was preparing to email out to everyone. Publishing dates are Jan., Apr., Jul. & Oct. We discussed revisions on the latest version.

Consider adding footage about the newly discovered kestrel family at Brightside Park on our website.

Newsletter deadline is July 15th – submit to Linda

Joanne Tidwell wants an environment project as part of Girl Scout badges – working with Chris Lawrence find places in Charlestown Park to place native plants. Three different potential sites were identified. We want high visibility for their project.

Electric supplier for township Committee of 4 members– Connolly, Tandon, Solomon, and Goodman- Connolly is putting a proposal together - wants to pick a PA supplier. Submit a report by end of June- One estimate has been obtained.

Hobo temperature logger at pigeon Run at Brightside- Armstrong.

There is a collaborative study being conducted (by the Drexel Univ. Academy of Natural Sciences, Stroud Water Research Center, and the Green Valleys Watershed Association) to measure water quality and aquatic habitat variables just downstream from the EAC-initiated riparian buffers, which will provide baseline data for the effects of the tree buffer as it matures and shades the stream.

Next meeting is July 12th – Will be in person at Great Valley Middle School, Chorale Room, per Linda Csete. Some EAC members wished to suspend in-person meetings for the months of December through March when zoom meetings will be substituted. Discussion of lack of staff to effectively run a live meeting and a zoom meeting simultaneously (hybrid). Armstrong will discuss with Csete.

Meeting adjourned at 9 pm.