Charlestown Township Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC)

May 8, 2023
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Charlestown Township Office
11 General Warren Blvd. Suite 1
Malvern, PA 19355


Review of Minutes and approval

7:00 –

Goals, Projects, and Tasks

Place Holders:

  1. All - Reminder of EAC-initiated projects for next 6+ months: Brightside Farm Riparian Buffer Planting, Deerfield Riparian Buffer; Stream Naming (un-named tributaries); Earth Day; Charlestown Bird Town; Battery Recycling Program, Education Series, New developments for review, EAC website on where residents can dispose of household items; Friends of; Weed Warriors; Kendig and Jenkins conservation parks; synthetic turf fields in Charlestown; ChesCo planning natural resources maps:
7:15 –


  • GIS Mapping training for EAC projects, given one-on-one by WeConservePA
  • May 16 Election Day table

On Going

  1. Earth Day, EAC is covering Devault; need volunteers
  2. Storage space for EAC materials in township building-who will order shelves and light
  3. RES restoration at Brightside Farm Park
  4. Charlestown Bird Town – Goodman: Birding for Beginners Walk at Brightside, 5/31/23, 6-8pm; Thank you to Andy Motel for setting up the Walk and the Purple Martin Condo at Brightside near the Rapp House, and for the Taking Better Bird Photos Walk on 4/30 (postponed?).
  5. Keep PA Beautiful, EAC to adopt Charlestown Road: Walker.
  6. Stream naming of unnamed tributaries in Charlestown (stream running in front of Great Valley Nature Center, headwater tributary at Charlestown Park): Goodman and Armstrong. Katelyn
  7. Pennsylvania Native Species Day 2023, May 18 (Governor’s Invasive Species Council). Goodman, Greene, Goodman, and Armstrong.
  8. Single use plastic bag/items ban: Update - Soundararajan
  9. Nature News (Jan., Apr., July., Oct.) – Solomon: Creating bird nesting areas on residential properties.
  10. White pine possible disease at Brightside – Armstrong and Thompson.
  11. Battery collection program for residents of Charlestown – Armstrong.
  12. Township newsletter articles due dates (1/15, 4/15, 7/15, & 10/15)
  13. All: Community Education series future suggestions:
    1. Bird Town programs
    2. Tour of invasive plant species
    3. Watershed friendly property certification
  14. Charlestown riparian buffer survey of potential sites. Consideration of stream at Charlestown Park for riparian buffer widening. Meet 4/23 at 3pm to walk site.
8:50p –
Next meeting: June 12, 2023. Regular monthly meeting