Charlestown Township Board of Supervisors
Budget Work Session and Business Meeting
Minutes of October 21, 2019

A budget work session and business meeting was held October 21, 2019 at the Township Office, 4030 Whitehorse Road, Devault, PA.


Frank A. Piliero, Chairman, Charles A. Philips, Vice Chairman, Susan T. Bednar, Kevin R. Kuhn, and Hugh D. Willig.
Linda Csete, Manager

Call to Order:

7:20 p.m.

Announcements –


Citizens’ Forum –

No matters were brought forward.

Budget Work Session

The Board reviewed the budget draft prepared by the Township Manager and the following changes were made:

  1. General Fund Revenue
    Acct # Category Adjustment
    345.15 Act 101 Recycling Grant Decrease $7,000 because these funds came in early, so no payment will be received in 2020.
  2. General Fund Expenditures
    Acct # Category Adjustment
    407.10 Mobile App for Historic Resources Increase 3,000.00 since this project will likely be started in 2020.
    433.02 Traffic Light Maintenance & Repair Decrease 5,000.00 to be more in line with past years’ average expenses.
    454.40 Nature Trails & Open Space Increase 5,000.00 due to drop in volunteerism and the need to pay for more maintenance services
    459.15 Historical Atlas Project Increase 7,000.00 due to expanded scope of project.
    459.40 Historical Markers Increase 2,000.00 since two markers will be designed instead of one
    459.60 Mill Maintenance Increase 3,000.00 due to window repairs and painting needed in 2020
    461.10 Environmental Advisory Committee Decrease $2,500.00 due to original budget estimate exceeding the group’s budget request.
  3. State Fund Revenue and Expenditures - No changes
  4. Capital Reserve Fund Revenue - No Changes
  5. General Fund Expenditures
    Acct # Category Adjustment
    461.73 Settlement Charges Decrease $95,000 due to no settlements anticipated on township-owned property

The budget will be revised and re-distributed to the Board prior to the November 4, 2019 Supervisors Meeting at which time Mrs. Csete will be authorized to advertise and post it on the Township website.

Other Business

The Board directed the Manager to take care of the following items:

  1. Order a new flag for Charlestown Park.
  2. Forward the Conditional Use ordinance amendments to Ed Theurkauf to determine if they require a Phoenixville Regional Planning Commission review.
  3. Check on a personnel question with the Solicitor.
  4. Ask the Zoning Officer to follow up on a weed violation notice for the Great Valley Nature Center.
  5. Email the balance on the debt service to the Board tomorrow morning.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 P.M. The next meeting is scheduled for November 4, 2019, 7:00 P.M. at the Great Valley Middle School.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda M. Csete
Township Manager