Charlestown Township Municipal Building
11 General Warren Blvd., Suite 1, Malvern, PA
Tuesday, January 3, 2023


Frank A. Piliero, Chairman, Charles A. Philips, Vice Chairman, Kevin R. Kuhn, Susan T. Bednar, and Hugh D. Willig.
Daniel T. Wright, P.E., Mark P. Thompson, Esq.
Chris Heleniak, Manager, Linda Csete, Treasurer, Lisa Gardner, Recording Secretary, and Tim Hubbard, Public Safety & Property Coordinator. Jim Thompson, Roadmaster, Beth Martin, Assistant Secretary, and Michael Allen, Staff Planner, were absent

Call to Order:

7:09 p.m.


Mr. Heleniak reminded attendees that all public comments are to be done from the podium.

Citizens Forum

Mr. Rasik Sheth and Mr. Roop Chourasia from Charlestown Oaks came tonight to find out what steps could be taken for the integration of their community’s roads into the care of the Township. The maintenance or deterioration of some infrastructure has become a burden the residents don’t want to carry. The HOA reps offered to provide a detailed history of the HOA’s actions to start their proposal. Members spoke saying there was no proposal the Board was likely to entertain.

The approval of the Plan was negotiated to avoid any burden the subdivision would hold. The private roads were built according to the Plan filed with the County. Any adoption of the 25-year-old community by Charlestown Township would not be in the best interest of the Township. Any further discussion by the HOA should be with Mr. Wright and Mr. Heleniak.


Mr. Philips moved to approve the reports listed below and Mr. Kuhn seconded. Mr. Piliero called for discussion and there being none, called the vote. All were in favor.

  1. Minutes for the December 5, 2022, Business Meeting
  2. December 2022 Treasurer’s Report
  3. Accounts Payable Report - All Funds for January 3, 2023


Ms. Bednar moved to accept the December 2022 reports #1-16 as submitted and Mr. Philips seconded. Mr. Piliero called for discussion and there being none, called the vote. All were in favor.

Old Business

Beyond Meat Land Development Plan

Mr. Michael Keffer, P.E., and Mr. Timothy Dietrich Esq., were present to update the Board on the Beyond Meat Land Development Plan and request approval. Mr. Dietrich listed some of the comments and recommendations by the Planning Commission this September. The Board referred to Mr. Keffer’s December 22, 2022, letter that listed 12 points total, some not yet resolved.

Mr. Dietrich told the Board that the Turnpike would essentially come to an agreement soon. They have closed on the SMF properties and complied with notes on the Final Plan. They have no hopes of meeting with Mr. Fillippo.

Discussion followed regarding a 50’ wide space to allow a Right of Way between Spring Oak and Devault Lane. The plans currently label the area as a 50’ wide area not to be developed with a note stating the Township would have 10 years to complete the acquisition of the strip. Mr. Willig mentioned a time frame of at least 10 years, but some Members mentioned a permanent surrender to the Township. Mr. Dietrich stated that it is not an easement and that he would need to discuss extending the time the Township has to acquire the right-of-way beyond the 10 years provided in the plan notes. The timing, value, and importance of impervious percentages for this area were discussed further.

Mr. Kuhn moved to approve the Preliminary Land Development Plan for Beyond Meat conditioned upon resolution and compliance of the 12 items in the letter from December 22nd, 2022 (5 already being resolved), reimbursement to the Township of any costs associated with the abandonment of the Devault Lane right-of-way, the 10-year limit of the 50’ space for the Right of Way, and an attempt to have negotiations with Mr. Fillippo. Mr. Piliero seconded and called for discussion.

Mr. Rubenfield received clarification that no exit from Beyond Meat will be onto Milton Drive. He was concerned about employees using it as an entrance or exit from the plant. Mrs. Green received clarification about Howell Road. There being no more discussion, Mr. Piliero called the vote. All were in favor.

New Business

Waiver Request for Molly Concannon 3005 Sidley Hill Road for Detached Garage

Ms. Molly Concannon requested a waiver to permit construction of a detached garage in a side yard at her 3005 Sidley Hill Road property. She described the setback and placement choices.

Mr. Philips moved to approve the waiver request as stated, and Mr. Willig seconded. Mr. Piliero called for discussion, and there being none, called the vote. All were in favor.

Conditional Use Decision for Seven Star Pharmaceutical, LLC

Mr. Thompson gave a brief description of the Seven Star Pharmaceutical LLC, Conditional Use Application decision. The hearing was held on December 5, 2022, requesting approval of laboratory use (LI-1 zoning district).

Mr. Kuhn moved to approve the written decision for Seven Star Pharmaceutical LLC, and Mr. Philips seconded. Mr. Piliero called for discussion and there being none, called the vote. All were in favor.

Easement Modification for 3050 Hollow Rd

Mr. Kuhn explained the request by future owners of the former Auchincloss property, parcel #35-3-75.1 at 3050 Hollow Road. They want to construct a house and barn on the property in an area outside of the original easement restrictions. Mr. Kuhn answered questions regarding the building envelope, the French and Pickering Trust, and their Land Preservation Board, and the landowners’ intentions.

Mr. Willig moved to approve the Preliminary Agreement to Amend and Restate the Easement on parcel #35-3-75.1 to allow a change to the building envelope, and Ms. Bednar seconded. Mr. Piliero called for discussion and there being none, called the vote. All were in favor.

Elected Auditor Vacancy – Resignation from term ending 12/31/23

Mr. Heleniak stated that a letter of resignation was received from Elected Auditor Ms. Andrea Griffiths due to her moving out of the Township. The Board formally accepted the resignation. The Township has 30 days from the date of the letter to appoint a resident to her position, for which the term ends on 12/31/23. The position would then be included in the next election cycle.

Adopt Employee Handbook

Mr. Heleniak reviewed features of the proposed Employee Handbook, which would replace the previous handbook in its entirety.

Mr. Kuhn moved to approve the Charlestown Township Employee Handbook as presented, and Mr. Philips seconded. Mr. Piliero called for discussion and there being none, called the vote. All were in favor.

Resolution to Set Fee-in-Lieu Schedule for 2023

Mr. Piliero moved to approve Resolution #1027-2023 updating the fees under the Recreational Fee-in-Lieu Ordinance as recommended by the Planning Commission, and Mr. Philips seconded. Mr. Piliero called for discussion, and there being none, called the vote. All were in favor.

Pickering Crossing Escrow Release #37 (Final)

Mr. Wright discussed the final request for Escrow Release #37 for Pickering Crossing. Mr. Wright presented pictures to the Board and they agreed that the builder had not fully accomplished the requirements for removing the construction dirt. He will contact them.

Spring Oak

Members asked questions about Spring Oak. Once asphalt plants open again in the spring the larger phases (1 & 3) will be started. Phase 2 is being finalized. The ponds at the front entrance will be visited by Mr. Wright to see if they are satisfying the Township’s concept and the official Plan. He will also check on a corner that tends to flood on Whitehorse Road in the center lane. Mrs. Bednar was wondering about snow removal since there are special pervious zones that needed attention to detail. Mr. Wright said none of the pervious alleys were installed yet but will be this spring. These alleys will be no salt zones and have a maintenance schedule and protocol. He will further research this subject for the Board further and also present a protocol to the Board.


There being no other business, Mr. Piliero adjourned the meeting at 8 p.m. The next Business Meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 6, 2023, at 7 p.m., at 11 General Warren Blvd., Suite 1, Malvern, PA.

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Gardner
Recording Secretary
sheet #1, 1/3/2023 Sign-in sheet #2, 1/3/2023