BUSINESS MEETING - June 22, 1998

The second business meeting for June was held June 22, 1998 at the Charlestown Elementary School. John B. Sauser, Chairman, Robert C. Wert, Vice Chairman, Irene W. Ewald, James E. McErlane, Esq., Linda M. Csete, Secretary, and those on the attached attendee list were present.

The meeting was called to order at 7:50 P.M. and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Mr. Sauser announced that the Board of Supervisors concluded an executive session with counsel prior to this eveningís meeting to discuss legal matters associated with the action filed in Federal District Court against the Township by Leon and Carol Altemose.

Citizenís Forum - Agenda Items

Kevin Kuhn stated his hope that the Board will pursue reimbursement of legal costs from the Altemoses to cover those incurred by the Township as a result of their past and present lawsuits.

Mr. and Mrs. Saeid Homerajani and their attorney, Gary P. Lewis, were present to discuss a grading issue at 107 Beaufort Court. Mr. Sauser stated that the Board will direct Mr. Kohli to extend the temporary C & O to July 31, 1998 and that the Board will take up the grading issue at the July 13, 1998 meeting.

Accounts Payable Report for June 22, 1998

Mrs. Ewald moved to approve check #1651 in the amount of $7,764.00 to BABB Inc. for insurance coverage for the period of 6/11/98 to 6/11/99, requesting that the Secretary notify BABB Inc. that the Township wants this insurance carried by the Scottsdale Insurance Company and not the Titan Insurance Company. Mr. Wert seconded and were in favor. Mr. Wert will continue his efforts to seek an alternative to the current insurance brokerage firm.

Agricultural Security Area Hearing

The proceeds were recorded by a court reporter and a transcript will be available at the Township office. Resolution #531-98 approving the formation of the Agricultural Security Area was signed following the meeting.

Deerfield - Planning Competition Guidelines

Mr. Sauser said that the guidelines for the competition will be developed over the next few weeks and a deadline provided at the July 13, 1998 meeting.

Sycamore Lane - Sycamore Tree Removal and Maintenance

Mr. Wert moved to approve a contribution to the Sycamore Lane Protective Association to cover the cost estimates of Lordís Tree Services estimates for Priorities I & II totaling $2,925.00 provided that the Association agrees to complete not only these two phases but the third phase as well by use of other funds. Mrs. Ewald seconded and all were in favor.

PennDOT Agility Program

This item was tabled until the July 13, 1998 meeting.

DHR Escrow Release #5

Mrs. Ewald moved to approve DHR Escrow Release #5 in the amount of $62,802.25 plus the release of $1,907.50 to the Township for reimbursement of reviews and inspections. Mr. Wert seconded and all were in favor.

Citizensí Forum - Non Agenda Items

John Panizza notified the Board that he has been unable to obtain signed agreements with two property owners sharing the proposed road for Somerset. Mrs. Ewald try one more time to seek agreement from the property owners, and Mr. Panizza agreed to wait until the end of the week before taking any action.

Vincent Kling voiced his concern over two Board membersí comments in an article in the Daily Local News dated June 22, 1998 on the Turnpikeís consideration of constructing a slip ramp from the turnpike off Route 29.


Mrs. Ewald moved to adjourn at 10:05 P.M. and Mr. Wert seconded. All were in favor. The next meeting of the Board of Supervisors will be held on July 13, 1998 at 7:30 P.M. at the Charlestown Elementary School.

Respectfully Submitted,

Linda M. Csete, Township Secretary