JANUARY 15, 1991

This meeting of the Board of Supervisors is to complete the leftover items of business from the January 7 meeting and to hear a report from the Planning Commission re. the proposed Ordinance amendments.

Present: Irene W. Ewald, Chairman; John C. Martin, Jr., Vice Chairman; Vincent G. Kling, member; James E. McErlane, Esq.; Surender Kohli, P.E.; Ruth W. Buckwalter and those on the attached list of attendees.

At 8:00 pm, Mrs. Ewald called the meeting to order.

The first item of old business was Chester County Construction Co. re. the road conditions during the last ice storm. Jim Thompson explained that PENNDOT had neither cleared not salted White Horse Road, Charlestown Road, Valley Park Road, Rt. #113 and Rt. #29. Therefore, his own crew were unable to get through to begin work on the Township’s roads. When questioned on his procedure, he replied that he checks the roads between 2:30 am and 4:00 am. After contact with the Roadmaster, he sends his crew out if so advised. Mrs. Ewald stated that as a back-up procedure, Mr. Thompson could call Mr. Martin and herself, both of whom would be willing to go out and check road conditions in these two areas of the Township. The Board was in agreement that with this one exception, Mr. Thompson’s general service to the Township has been very satisfactory.

The next item of unfinished business was the openings on the Valley Forge Sewer Authority and the Zoning Hearing Board. Both of these positions were advertised and also featured in an item in the Phila. Inquirer. Applications were received for the position on the VFSA from Stephen Winckelman and Alfred Ziegler. Mr. Kling made the motion to approve the appointment of Stephen Winckelman to the VFSA. Mrs. Ewald seconded the motion, it so carried. Applications were received for the position on the ZHB from John Di Lello and John Garvin. Mr. Martin made a motion to appoint John Garvin to the ZHB, the motion died for lack of a second. Mr. Kling moved to appoint John Di Lello to the ZHB. Mrs. Ewald seconded the motion. Mr. Martin called for a roll call vote: Mrs. Ewald - aye, Mr. Kling - aye, Mr. Martin - abstained. The motion so carried. Mr. Di Lello’s appointment is for a one year term to fill the vacancy due to the resignation of John C. Deisher.

Surender Kohli’s itemized bill for the month of December has been received. Therefore, Mr. Kling made a motion to approve payment of check #6357 made out to Mr. Kohli, Mr. Martin seconded the motion, it so carried.

Mrs. Ewald questioned the Escrow Release #8 for Rapps Run Associates. She noted this subdivision is a little more complicated than usual. Mr. Kohli explained the road work which has been done to date and stated that he was satisfied with same. He said the remaining monies of between 45 to 47 thousand dollars is being withheld for paving. Mr. Kling moved the Board approve Escrow Release #8 in the amount of $19,992. Mr. Martin seconded the motion, it so carried.

A check made out to Mark Dambly in the amount of $4,410 was submitted for approval of payment. The Township Treasurer had taken this sum out of the General Fund, but questioned if this was correct. Mr. Kohli explained that Mr. Dambly had deposited $5,000 with the Township before making a lot line change in Rosewood Farms, perhaps in 1989. The $4,410 is a refund minus expenses. The Treasurer will have to research the accounts to ascertain which account this deposit was credited to and make payment from same. Mr. Kling moved to approve payment, subject to verification of account. Mr. Ewald seconded the motion, it so carried.

The Stonorov Subdivision plan was submitted to the Supervisors for approval. This plan is to subdivide 4 acres with existing dwelling structures to be conveyed to her daughter. Mr. Kohli has reviewed the plan and recommends approval contingent upon satisfactory approval of the application by the Chester County Health Department (see Mr. Kohli’s letter of 1-15-91). Mr. Kling so moved, Mr. Martin seconded the motion, it so carried.

December, 1990 list of correspondence – deferred to February meeting.

Mrs. Ewald reported on the meetings the Supervisors have attended re. the proposed Devault interchange of the Pa. Turnpike. At the last of such meetings, she invited the Turnpike Commission, Steering Committee, Turnpike engineers and representatives to meet with Charlestown Township’s Supervisors, Planning Commission, and representatives of various Boards and Commissions. The Steering Committee determines if this interchange is or is not feasible – at present there are 7 possibilities, all in Charlestown. The tentative date for this meeting was set for Wednesday, February 27, 1991. Mrs. Ewald noted that this was not a public hearing but a working session open to the public. Mr. Martin suggested the Supervisors send post card notices to residents. Mrs. Ewald and Mr. Kling agreed. The Secretary was instructed to advertise this meeting.

Planning Commission Chairman Michael Churchill gave an interim report on the progress the Commission has made re revising the proposed Ordinance amendments. He noted that in October of 1990, after a series of public meetings, the Supervisors referred the proposed amendments back to the Planning Commission. Much discussion by the Commission concluded with the opinion that it was not necessary for the Comprehensive Plan to be revised before revising the Ordinances. Mr. Churchill listed major areas touched on for proposed changes:

  1. the Commission initially did not favor the reduction of lot size – on their agenda for further discussion.
  2. reduction of wetland area margins
  3. tree replacement standardized
  4. township arborist eliminated
  5. 2 tiers on interior lots in Subdivisions – still under consideration
  6. odd shaped lots
  7. clarify procedures for filing Conditional Use Application
  8. noise – not applicable for standard noises

The Planning Commission Subcommittee will draft new proposals.

Mrs. Ewald opened the meeting to the floor. Mr. Colagreco asked if the DER regulations supersede those of the Township. Mr. McErlane stated that the Township may have more astringent Ordinance, but not less. Mr. Churchill answered other questions from the floor pertaining to the Ordinance revisions. Mrs. Ewald complimented Mr. Churchill for the excellent work done by the Planning Commission.

All business completed, Mr. Martin moved to adjourn, Mrs. Ewald seconded the motion, it so carried. The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,