Update on March 22nd Flooding at Charlestown Road and Route 29 (State Road)

Major Drainpipe Repaired

Our engineer met with representatives from PennDOT and Southdown Homes to investigate the flooding at the Charlestown Road / State Road intersection. PennDOT closed the roads to keep traffic out of the flooded area and had five people on site to help direct traffic and pump water. While the problem was not caused by any malfunctions at the Pickering Crossing development, the developer also had a crew on-site that was also helping to pump the water.

The flooding was due to a sinkhole that caused a major drainage pipe to collapse. No water was getting through the pipe which caused the ponding. PennDOT stayed on site until the water was removed from the street, and began the required repairs to the sinkhole area and to replace the pipe. Our engineer met with the head of the Great Valley School System busing department so he could develop a plan to share with the bus drivers to maneuver the bus routes around the flooded area for afternoon pickup.

The repairs should eliminate the flooding at this intersection in the future.

Posted: March 25, 2019