Great Valley Middle School Room 154
255 North Phoenixville Pike, Malvern, PA
Thursday, September 14, 2022


Parks and Recreation:
Dan Mount, Chairperson, Cordelia Kane, and Stephanie Robinson. Bil Longua and Ashlee Beyer were absent.
Kevin Kuhn, Ester Underhill, Karin Buzzi, Jim O’Brien, Pete Goodman, Makinlee Fox, and Lana Napoli.


Charlestown Day is Saturday, September 24th at Charlestown Park.

The Park & Rec meetings for November and December may take place at the new Township Office location. Please check the website for any updates. The December meeting was changed to Wednesday, December 14.

On September 21st, at Charlestown Elementary, there will be a presentation by Ms. Jennifer Green from the Chester County Historical Society. At 7 p.m. “Breadbasket of the World”, the working of Anselma Mill in Chester Springs will begin. It will cover how a colonial era grist mill was built and functioned with farming, milling, and shipping the Pennsylvania flour around the globe. This will also be posted on the Facebook page for the Park and Rec.

Ms. Underhill stated that Ms. Kane will be doing the Spring Wildflower walk for 2023.

Standing Items


Ms. Kane moved to approve the August minutes and Ms. Robinson seconded. Mr. Mount called for discussion and there being none called the vote. All were in favor.

Trails Reports

There were no updates.

Park Reports

Charlestown Park

Mr. Mount will contact Mr. Hubbard regarding the many bee and wasp nests found in the pavilions in the last visits by Ms. Fox and Ms. Robinson. Mr. Mount will see if the checkers have been replaced after the vandalism.

Mr. Kuhn stated that he, the Township Manager, Chris Heleniak, and the Solicitor, Mark Thompson, will be meeting with the University of Valley Forge President, Dr. David Kim, and his representative, Mr. Tom Bond, from NAIS Geis Realty Group. On Friday afternoon they will be discussing the fee simple purchase of two smaller parcels and the purchase of the building rights on a third larger parcel. The purchase of the two smaller parcels would add additional soccer fields and a parking lot to Charlestown Park.

Brightside Farm Park

No update.

EAC Report

Mr. Goodman was present but had nothing to report. Ms. Underhill stated that the Johnson Grass at Brightside was spreading and wondered if it received any attention earlier in the season. Mr. Kuhn agreed that it was spreading and said the plan was to irradicate it. There is a public session expected to be scheduled soon where hopefully everyone can get some answers.

Youth Sports Report

Mr. O’Brien said the football program changed from contact to flag. They had dwindled to 60 players and now 314 girls and boys are enjoying flag football.

The clubhouse that holds the PMYC equipment needs to be renovated. The 3 quotes he gave to Mr. Mount tonight were for:

New siding $17,200 to prevent further deterioration

4 new windows $7,500 to replace rotting windows

4 new doors $4,000

Mr. O’Brien stated that he hoped the Township will help them financially. They recently installed a $1,800 garage door and spend $18,000 on new halogen lights. They are budgeted to spend $28,000 on new lights this year. Since they are investing in Charlestown Park’s fields, they are hoping for some financial assistance. Mr. Kuhn suggested also approaching East Pikeland and the Borough of Phoenixville since they have larger attendance in the club than Charlestown Township.

Lastly, Mr. O’Brien said they need a spot to store their goals off the grass. They get damaged leaving them out.

Old Business

Charlestown Day Update

Ms. Fox said they have a full day of programming including vendors, demonstrations, and workshops. There will be yard games, a bounce house, live music, crafts, stilts, and lots of good food. This will be an interactive experience and build the community. The Mill will also be open for tours. Check social media for the big push.

Adjournment was at 8:00 p.m.