Great Valley Middle School Room 154
255 North Phoenixville Pike, Malvern, PA
Thursday, March 17, 2022


Parks and Recreation:
Dan Mount, Chairperson, and Stephanie Robinson. Cordelia Kane and Ashlee Beyer via phone.
Chris Lawrence, Advisor and Bil Longua
Ester Underhill, Lisa Tull, Jim O’Brien, Dr. Philip McLeod, Jeanne Schanzenbach, and Tim Hubbard

Announcements & Minutes

The February minutes were approved with minor edits.

Earth Day is on Saturday, April 9th, and the Township’s rain date is April 23nd. Volunteers are to coordinate locations or assignments with the Township Office.

Mr. Frank Beyer resigned from the Parks & Recreation Board. Mr. Mount appreciated the time he had given to the community.

The Wildflower Walk will be on April 24th. Please meet at the Pickering Trail at 1 p.m. behind the Mill on Charlestown Road.

The new Phoenixville Recreation Center Open House is on April 30th between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Standing Items

Trails Reports

Mrs. Robinson and Ms. Kane toured the Ice Dam Trail with Mr. Theurkauf. There was an occasional blockage by trees and at one or two points, the trail is now too close to the stream. The trail will need to be rerouted. A footbridge, intact but pushed out of position by the storm Ida, needs to be relocated. There is a lot of trash along Route 29 nearby but this is being taken care of on Earth Day, by a group called the Hiker Babes.

Mr. Mount said there is a nearby deteriorating cesspool that needs to be handled and is contacting Mr. Wright about recommendations. The bridge to the ruins is also a safety concern and Mr. Theurkauf will give Mr. Mount the contact information for a ramp to safely get to the concrete area (also an area damaged by Ida). Mr. Hubbard will be in contact about possible F.E.M.A. funding for this ramp.

Prospective Eagle Scout Larissa Greenway has estimated her start date for her Park Games Project in late March or early April. The contractor that will be repairing the restroom will be contacted by Mr. Dettore regarding a quote to repair the nature overlook since they will already be on location. Mr. Hubbard offered to talk with Mr. Dettore about this, as it is also a safety concern.

Park Reports

Mr. Hubbard stated that two weeks ago the PMYC clubhouse building was vandalized, in addition to some of the universities’ assets. Video feed led to PA State Police involvement and also the identification of the guilty parties. Mr. Hubbard is in communication with all the parties involved and believes there will be a suitable plea agreement.

Planning Commissioner Mr. Andy Motel and RES (Resource Environmental Solutions, LLC) are reviewing Brightside Farm Park to manage the grassland as natural pasture. RES is a well-respected company that works with Longwood Gardens and is also beginning the Devault Area Gateway Improvement Project. They are remediating the gateway, triangle of land made by Warner Road, Route 29, and Phoenixville Pike.

The Charlestown Township Park open space inspection is Monday, March 21, at 3:30.

EAC Report

Ms. Beyer has planned the initial 2022 weed warrior meeting at Brightside Farm Park on April 2nd at 10 a.m. Volunteers are asked to meet at the gardens.

Youth Sports Report

Mr. O’Brien reintroduced Ms. Jeanne Schanzenbach. They gave a brief history of the club and discussed the difficulty of finding volunteers and providing free play for kids from kindergarten to 8th grade in seven different sports. They have a 5- and 10-year plan to continue the club that originated in 1957.

  1. Lacrosse has 193 boy and girl spring participants. Field 4 is resting this year and will be remediated. Mr. Maurer from the PASC is helping them.
  2. In 2021 four lights were redone on existing poles at $22,000. This year new additional light poles are needed and they will be contacting Mr. Wright. They are hoping for help with funding.
  3. They have hired an administrator, Ms. Danielle Carver. Mrs. Csete has her contact information.
  4. The vandalism was already discussed by Mr. Hubbard.
  5. They have a quote for new siding, windows, and doors, for the clubhouse at $28,000. It will be submitted to Mr. Mount and the Township for review and the club is hopeful that some Township funding will be forthcoming.

The PASC will begin practices on April 2nd.

Old Business

New Business

Charlestown Day and Community Events

Ms. Robinson discussed the problem of finding volunteers for Charlestown Day. She is waiting for the core volunteers from last year to get back to her about 2022. She will be posting in the newsletter. Additionally, Mr. Lawrence will only be in an advisory role.

She is talking with John Martin and they are restarting the summer concert series with the Charlestown Township Historical Society. She is the liaison between the two committees. There will be a June concert and an early July concert. She will be sending out a save the date postcard. Movie Night is also coming. A fusion of yoga and trail walking is in the planning stages, watch for dates and details soon.

Charlestown Park/Valley Forge General Hospital Golf Course Commemorative

Dr. Philip McLeod presented a handout and map regarding a commemorative marker for the Valley Forge General Hospital Golf Course. On this course, blind golfers were given the opportunity to learn the game as part of the recuperation process for service members who lost their sight. The marker would commemorate the course and its unique place in golf history with an information marker identifying the location of the clubhouse, tees, and greens, along with photographs and notations of the historical aspects of the course. It would be styled like the existing marker near the Park’s flagpole and dedicated at the 2022 or 2023 Charlestown Day festivities.

He was wondering what the next step would be and felt that he may not need to ask for financial help from the Township. Mr. Hubbard thought that at the 80th anniversary, the reading stations could be used to teach some of this unique history. Mr. Mount will forward the vendor information used by the EAC for the riparian buffer sign. Mr. O’Brien stated that they have some markers that unfortunately look like gravestones and they would like them relocated, or the golf course marker could be placed near these at the clubhouse. Mr. Mount said to keep moving forward and obtain some more details for an informational presentation to the Board of Supervisors in a month or two.

Other Business

Adjournment was at 8:35 p.m.