Great Valley Middle School Room 154
255 North Phoenixville Pike, Malvern, PA
Thursday, February 17, 2022


Parks and Recreation:
Dan Mount, Chairperson. Stephanie Robinson and Bil Longua via phone
Chris Lawrence, Advisor, Cordelia Kane, Ashlee Beyer, and Frank Beyer
Ester Underhill and Tim Hubbard

Announcements & Minutes

The January minutes were approved.

Earth Day is Saturday April 9th, and the rain date is April 23rd. Volunteers are to call the Township Office in regards to locations and assignments.

There will be a design charrette meeting for the basin beautification project. Come ready to dream and draw. The meeting is at the Great Valley Middle School on March 1st at 7 p.m.

Standing Items

Trails Reports

There was no update from Mr. Lawrence. Below is a review of a presentation at the February Board of Supervisors Meeting:

Reps from TMAAC and the DVRPC stated that the Township will receive a list of involved Trail entities and what roles they recommend each take. The steering committee also discussed usage, placement, and where it branches off or connects to the Chester Valley Trail. June 2022 will be when the group’s recommendation is finalized. Discussion points:

  1. Acquisition-could be through County, state, and federal grants, goal to find who would be the recommended entity?
  2. Ownership-may be a combination of multi-municipal and County with one newly formed non-profit taking a leading role. (Municipalities are East Whiteland, Schuylkill, Phoenixville, and Charlestown)
  3. Maintenance, management, and policing of the proposed Devault Trail.
    1. Maintenance (Daily/Weekly) -trash, recycling, storm debris, kiosk, restrooms, vandalism repair, snow removal, etc.
    2. Maintenance (Monthly/Yearly) -mowing, tree trimming, trail repair, markers, signage, fences, bollards, and bridges.
    3. Public safety and emergency response.
    4. Long-term needs such as invasive species management, wildlife habitat, and stormwater.

Many grants are being reviewed. Next Mr. Meisel and Mr. Phelps will recommend what group should lead the project or what entity needs to be formed. Then construction estimates, finding funding, and arriving at an amount, will be the new set of goals.

Park Reports

The Charlestown Park flagpole and deteriorating garbage bins are being replaced. Finishing work will soon begin on restrooms. Mr. Longua has had no response from Charlestown Landscaping on the memorial tree. There is a yoga walk being discussed that would alternate between Brightside and Charlestown Park.

Ms. Underhill said the kiosk at Brightside has an outdated newsletter and Mr. Hubbard will take care of it. She believes the time to remediate the Johnson grass is coming soon. She requested an update on the Brightside wildlife diversity plan. Mr. Mount stated that the EAC and P&R may be asked by the Board to make recommendations. Mr. Hubbard said that the French and Pickering Trust may also become involved as they have an interest there.

EAC Report

Ms. Beyer has not been in contact with Mr. Mount. The riparian buffer sign’s final draft has been submitted and should be approved soon.

Sports Report

Fieldwork continues as teams prepare for the upcoming spring seasons.

Old Business

New Informational Signage

No new signage updates have happened since the winter weather is keeping volunteers inside. Mr. Mount said as spring activity begins, he wants the volunteers to walk the parks and send in their updates. The goal is to get the new signs up as soon as possible.

New Business

Earth Day

Earth Day is Saturday April 9th and the rain date is April 22nd. Volunteers are to report to the Township Building for assignments. There are lists of trails and who is going where. The Ice Dam has been cleared of much natural debris but still needs work. The Girl Scouts will return to Brightside Farm Park on the 16th to do their part.

Charlestown Day

Ms. Fox is brainstorming new ideas for the P&R. A park movie or concert series may return. Mr. Mount has not heard from her on funding ideas. Members discussed using September 24th again, as it worked well last year. The flower show was also a success.

Other Business

There will be a design charrette meeting for the basin beautification project. Come ready to dream and draw and help develop a vision for the site. The meeting is at the Great Valley Middle School on March 1st at 7 p.m.

Adjournment was at 7:55 p.m.