Great Valley Middle School Room 154
255 North Phoenixville Pike, Malvern Pa
Wednesday, December 15, 2021


Parks and Recreation:
Dan Mount, Chairperson, Tim Hubbard, via phone, Cordelia Kane, and Stephanie Robinson. Ashlee Beyer, Frank Beyer, Bil Longua, and Jim Quay were absent.
Ester Underhill and Dan Walker (EAC)

Announcements & Minutes

The September minutes and November minutes with a minor edit were approved.

There were no announcements.

Standing Items

Trails Reports

Mr. Lawrence emailed an update about the Devault Rails to Trails project. It was read aloud by Chairperson Mr. Mount to the group. “There will be a call tomorrow morning (12/16) to further the agreement between the townships and county. Natural Lands Trust has volunteered to help with the grant and land acquisition step, and we’ll meet with them and TMAC next week.

After the governance parts are figured out, the group will research grants for line acquisition and doing a formal design project in coordination with the townships, county, state, and the new governing/management entity.”

Mr. Mount reported that Mrs. Csete received a request from a group that wants to add Brightside as a meeting location to their rotation of park meeting places. The group was given approval as long as they follow COVID recommendations.

Mrs. Underhill stated that the upper Brightside wooded trail was currently impassable due to a tree down. Mr. Mount will contact the Bike Club to see if they are planning any trail clean-up days. The trails need to be clear since the bikes are not supposed to be on the mown path. Horses are to use the mown path although it is not posted at the park.

EAC and Sports Clubs

There is no update from the sports clubs or EAC.

New Business

Charlestown Park Memorial Tree

Mr. Hubbard will coordinate the mulch and post work for the Charlestown Park Memorial Tree for the end of 2021. Next year it will be added to the list for the landscaper since it was missed this year.

Trails and Parks Informational Signs

As a result of the EAC’s appearance at the BOS meeting in November, the vendor for the park signage is being researched by Mrs. Csete. Current signage at key locations listed by Mr. Mount has deteriorated due to UV damage and needs replacing. The sign near the garden at Brightside is the worst, and there is also one at the Mill. Members are to canvas the parks and submit a list to Mr. Mount so that he can add to Ms. Armstrong’s riparian buffer order. He reminded the group to log what the sign says and exactly where it stands.

Charlestown Park Improvements Come to a Close

Mr. Hubbard said the improvements that began in 2015 are finally coming to an end with repair to the restroom building including lock improvements and door replacement. Before the reopening in spring 2022, the last details should be finished. This project has been open due to litigation with the original contractor and subsequent surety company negotiations.

Adjournment at 7:55 p.m.