Charlestown Township Parks & Recreation Board
Great Valley Middle School Room 154
255 North Phoenixville Pike, Malvern Pa
Thursday, November 18, 2021


Parks and Recreation:
Chris Lawrence, Chairperson (via phone), Dan Mount, Ashlee Beyer (via phone), and Frank Beyer (via phone). Tim Hubbard, Stephanie Robinson, Jim Quay, and Bil Longua, were absent.
Ester Underhill, Mark Saitto, Carole Saitto, Ester Estes (EAC), Carol Armstrong (EAC), and Ted Winicov.

Announcements & Minutes

Mr. Mount moved to recommend approval of the October minutes with minor edits. Mr. Lawrence seconded. Mr. Mount called for discussion and there being none called the vote. All were in favor.

Old Business


Mr. Beyer said an October site visit will be rescheduled.

Mr. Lawrence stated that the Devault Trail meeting with local townships, Devault Trail reps, and the County, provided good discussion for maintenance and management of the future trail but no decisions were made. They are in a good position for a December meeting.

Brightside Farm Park

Mr. Beyer stated that the concept of disc golf has been directed from Jenkins Park to Brightside and may appear as a future agenda item for discussion and comment.

Sports Clubs

Updates provided by the sports clubs to the Parks & Rec are rarely received this time of the year.

Weed Warriors

Ms. Beyer met with the EAC and Ms. Armstrong. The group is moving forward with formalizing the program points for 2022. December discussions points will be:

Brightside Farm Park Riparian Buffer Signage

Ms. Armstrong led the discussion in an attempt to find out the level of involvement the P&R wanted to provide for new interpretive signage at the headwaters of Pigeon Run (and associated wetlands). So far, 800-900 trees and shrubs are being installed and as Phase II progresses, the need for volunteers is growing. This phase, being a multi-functional buffer of fruit and nut trees, is supported by these 6 groups:

  1. PA Association of Conservation Districts
  2. Chester County Conservation District
  3. The Master Watershed Stewards of PA State University Extension
  4. The Green Valleys Watershed Association
  5. Charlestown Township
  6. PA Dept. of Conservation & Natural Resources.

Further discussion regarding the physical characteristics of the sign, content, placement, logos, and approval process continued. Members wanted the sign to conform to other Township signage but they are open to improvement suggestions. The Board of Supervisors will be sure to verify that the placement is not disturbing the farm operations and has compatible characteristics with the historical signage in the Township. The signage funding needs to be spent soon or it will be lost.

Mr. Mount moved to recommend the Board of Supervisors approve the pending signage design provided by Ms. Armstrong at the December meeting. Mr. Beyer seconded. Mr. Mount called for discussion and there being none, called the vote. All were in favor.

Prospective Eagle Scout Project

Ms. Larissa Greenway’s project was approved by the Board at the October meeting. She will return to the P&R before starting.

Jenkins Park Update

Mr. Mount stated that the Board of Supervisors recommended pursuing a “phase by phase” approach, thus seeing usage of the park before moving to secondary improvements. The presentation of the entire scope was broken down into two phases. Phase II is indefinitely suspended until a usage pattern is established.

Concept Item Phase I Phase II
22 parking spots 11 spots phase 11 more spots
Meadow Meadow  
Restroom   Restrooms
Pavilion   Pavilion
Natural Playground Natural Playground  
Disc golf 9 holes   Disc golf
Trails-unpaved Trails-unpaved  
Paved ADA trails Paved ADA trails  
Outdoor classroom   Outdoor classroom

Initial questions from the audience were as follows:

  1. Mr. Winnicov asked if any site visits have been made since it is a state road and a wooded area. Mr. Mount stated there may need to be some frontage cleared for safe access. PennDOT will visit the site.
  2. Ms. Saitto commented on Zillow property values.
  3. Mr. Saitto wondered why a park was being considered, Mr. Mounts reply is below.

Mr. Mount’s answer was taken from prior minutes. The 15 acres off of Valley Hill Road were originally going to be a four-home subdivision with a small pocket park. The property was purchased by the Township to prevent development and preserve open space. (It was not donated to the Township by Ms. Jenkins) but had through the years, incurred costs at ≈ a million dollars. It is the responsibility of the Supervisors to provide recreation for the residents (but not make money doing it.)

Tonight, suggestions were made regarding compostable restrooms. Mr. Mount reminded the audience that a pervious trail material required frequent vacuuming to perform correctly. Phase II items will be considered after usage, phase I items will be available for public comment before consideration for approval by the Board of Supervisors.

Mr. Mount moved to recommend the Board of Supervisors approve proceeding to the design phase estimated at $25,000, with the potential use of a VPP Grant covering up to 70%. Mr. Lawrence seconded. Mr. Mount called for discussion, and after a minor clarification for Ms. Beyer, all were in favor.

Mr. Mount will contact Mrs. Csete regarding the grant and bid proposal for the January Board of Supervisors agenda.

Final questions continued regarding maintenance costs, purchasing, deeds, planning, easements, steep slopes, and restrictions, etc. New Jenkins plans and updates will be found on the Township’s website, especially under agendas, and also under minutes for the Board of Supervisors, plus for the Parks and Rec. Public comment is welcomed at every step. The Township newsletter will contain updated information.

Ms. Cordelia Kane Recommendation to the Parks and Recreation Board

Mr. Lawrence introduced Cordelia Kane’s addition to the P&R by distributing her bio via email before tonight’s meeting. With an exact term date to be confirmed by Mrs. Csete, Mr. Mount moved to recommend the addition of Ms. Kane to the P&R, Mr. Beyer seconded. Mr. Mount called for discussion and there being none, called the vote. All were in favor. Ms. Kane’s recommendation will appear on the next Board of Supervisors agenda.

University of Valley Forge Ongoing Field Discussion

The soccer club is considering a partnership with the Township to take ownership and management of some bordering University of Valley Forge property. First, lot lines will need to be clarified.

Charlestown Park

Mr. Mount will add the painting of pavilion signage holders to increase their visibility to the action list at Charlestown Park. It was suggested by a parent that the clear units be raised, but this would remove them from ADA compliance.

New Business

Election of Mr. Daniel Mount as Incoming Chairperson

Mr. Beyer moved to recommend Mr. Mount as the chairperson of the Charlestown Township Parks and Recreation Board, due to Mr. Lawrence moving out of the Township. Ms. Beyer seconded and there was a call for discussion. There being none, all were in favor.

Mr. Mount thanked Mr. Lawrence for his dedication and effort. It has not gone unnoticed. He stated that he would do his best to follow the example set by Mr. Lawrence to benefit the community. He will complete the balance of Mr. Lawrence’s term.

Website Content Review

Mr. Mount stated that all Members need to review the pages and sections of the website, formalize comments, and plan to attend a special meeting (suggested by Mr. Beyer), for updating the website. All updates will be forwarded once concise, to Ms. Csete. Ms. Robinson suggested a new area for residents to suggest agenda items.

A revised Zoom link will be established for future meetings but Mr. Mount wants all Members to attend rather than phone-in, whenever possible. Mr. Mount will follow up with Mrs. Csete.

Adjournment at 8:59 p.m.