Charlestown Township Parks & Recreation Board
Great Valley Middle School Room 154
255 North Phoenixville Pike, Malvern Pa
Thursday, October 21, 2021


Parks and Recreation:
Chris Lawrence Chairperson, Tim Hubbard (called in), Dan Mount, Stephanie Robinson, Ashlee Beyer (called in), and Frank Beyer were present. Jim Quay and Bil Longua, were absent.
Cordelia Kane, Susan Saunders, Ester Underhill, Larissa and Darren Greway, and Lee Kennedy.

Announcements & Minutes

No minutes were approved. There were no announcements.

Old Business

Charlestown Day Review

The Charlestown Day review:

New Business

New Volunteer and the Pickering Trail

Ms. Cordelia Kane introduced herself as a lover of trails, especially the Pickering Trail. Mr. Lawrence said that trail needed even more work since the hurricane went through. The bridge needs repair, the footbridges need to be retrieved, repaired, or are gone, and the ice dam area needs attention. They could certainly use her help and welcomed her.

Mr. Mount suggested checking on when Mr. Theurkauf’s next visit to the area is, but all Members agree there will be a huge punch list. Mr. Beyer stated that the 3 large trees over the creek were now gone, but the biggest challenge would be the bridge engineering.

More Trails

Mr. Lawrence said he would review the online Work Project List and delegate items to Members or call contractors. The huge tires that were embedded at the McDevitt Trail are now probably loose enough to roll to the road and be hauled away. The large tree wedged under the Route 29 bridge washed away and a dangerous trail overhang is gone. The Roadmaster has lost most of the macadam repair near a waterway. Ms. Kane, Ms. Kennedy, and Mr. and Ms. Beyer will meet at the Pickering Trail this month.

The next trail workday will be precluded by signs on the trails so trail users can be informed and join. Mrs. Underhill reminded the Board that the information kiosks at the parks all need to be updated. Mr. Longua was put in charge of the one at Brightside Farm Park. Mrs. Kane will get keys for the Pickering kiosk. Mr. Beyer will verify that the Tree of Heaven trees were removed at Brightside.

Mr. Hubbard needs all hurricane trail work information, even volunteered, for FEMA and PEMA.

The EAC wants to initiate a Weed Warriors/Invasive Species Program and is requesting a liaison from P&R. Ms. Beyer will fill this role.

Eagle Scout Presentation

Prospective Eagle Scout Larissa Greway of Troop #73 presented her project to the Board. She wishes to build an 8’ x 8’ checkerboard with 9” round wooden checkers 2” thick. The checkers would be kept in an outdoor bin. This would happen near the playground on the other side of the sidewalk. She would use paving stones and may also paint a hopscotch on that part of the sidewalk. She wondered if P&R would fund this project estimated at ≈$400 plus the sidewalk paint. Discussion followed regarding how to store the checkers.

Mr. Lawrence reminded her it was time to switch the seasonal storyboards and then train someone from her troop to take over for when she moves on. He also asked that she check in with the PMYC since the project would be near their portable bleachers. Mrs. Robinson will email Mrs. Csete to add it to the agenda. Mr. Hubbard suggested she include a Google earth markup of the project.

Charlestown Park

There is a trash problem lately at the Park, so Mrs. Csete and Mr. Lawrence are contacting Mr. Quay to add a Monday trash pickup at the pavilion. Mrs. Robinson will keep an eye on the trash and let Mrs. Csete know when there is a problem. Having a camera near the pavilion was briefly discussed since the trash is not from rentals and involves alcohol.

Someone complained about a child hitting their head on the rental sign holder in a pavilion. They suggested it be raised, however then someone in a wheelchair may not be able to reach it. Mr. Hubbard suggested painting it instead of leaving it clear.


The club is discussing field rental and parking with the University. The current agreement may change. There is a problem from an incorrectly executed subdivision that comes into the issue.

PMYC flag football was a big success with 275 players. They are working on quotes for l.e.d. lighting and the first one is at $20,000. They are also looking at upgrading the clubhouse exterior and that first quote is $16,000.

Jenkins Park Plan

Mr. Longua and Mr. Mount discussed reorienting the parking at Jenkins Park. They may request a draft with the parking perpendicular and another draft with parking parallel to the road. They also found the classroom amphitheater area to be somewhat noisy from the Turnpike and choose a new site near the old log trail slightly to the west of the currently proposed spot.

Mr. Mount researched disc golf with the director of Phoenixville Parks and confirmed that there is growing interest and demand for this sport. Mrs. Saunders stated it is outdoors, the discs are inexpensive, installation is inexpensive, and it is low impact on the environment. Natural barriers to homes are often already present, and at Jenkins, no trees will be removed since the course is planned amongst the trees. It would be a 9-hole course since that is all that fits, and it’s not big enough to be designated as a regulation course.

Each goal or basket will have a 45’ radius around them and would not be encroaching on the path (Ms. Stanton Murphy, September). Goals are mentioned on the concept as “lollipops” but are goals again, amongst trees or uncleared areas. The courses are through the woods with a buffer before the trail. Mrs. Underhill is reporting tonight’s discussion to the Isaacs that were at the meeting in September. Mrs. Underhill doesn’t like the pavilion, so one of the drafts will be less the pavilion.

For the next meeting, Mr. Mount will contact Ms. Kelsey Stanton Murphy, of Theurkauf Design and Planning. He will request 2 new drafts with different parking scenarios, one having a shade pavilion, and one not, and also have her check the steeper areas of the loop. He will also verify A.D.A. compliance. With these two drafts, the P&R will visit the Board for feedback.

Mr. Kuhn has been keeping the information flowing correctly between the Township and the family of the Jenkins.

Mr. Lawrence Resigns as Chairperson

Mr. Lawrence is no longer a resident of Charlestown Township and this is his last night at a meeting. He was wished well and thanked for being a good chairperson. His depth of knowledge and connections were an asset to the community.

Mrs. Robinson will be in charge of the agendas and be the scout liaison. Mr. Mount will have the login information for all the websites and social media. Mr. Mount is considering the Chairperson position since he has a very good attendance record for meetings. Discussion followed about running meetings and the inner workings of the P&R Board.

Adjournment at 9:00 p.m.