Charlestown Township Parks & Recreation Board
Via Webex
Thursday, May 20, 2021


Parks and Recreation:
Chris Lawrence, Chairperson, Dan Mount, and Tim Hubbard. Frank Beyer, Ashlee Beyer, Bil Longua, Jim Quay, Brian Schlorff, and Charles Buck were absent.
Linda Csete, Ester Estes (EAC), Don Kaczmar (GVMTB), Colleen Shanks, Stephanie Robinson, and Ester Underhill.


The April minutes were tabled.



Ms. Colleen Shanks introduced herself. She and a group of friends planted a tree in honor of a deceased friend at Charlestown Park. A plaque dedication is scheduled.

Ms. Stephanie Robinson, a nearby resident of Charlestown Park and daily visitor, volunteered for the Activities Committee. Her daughter is a potential Gold Award Girl Scout in search of a suitable Award project.

Online Work List

A Google document showed many projects within the Township by location.

  1. The first location is the grassy meadow at Charlestown Road and Route 29. It needs to be better managed, Mr. Lawrence suggested this as a top priority. But it is not a suitable location to bring children due to traffic.
  2. Charlestown Park had a dozen items on the list. Rotting posts with loose railings at a deck overlook, trees growing in a trail, more cobbles, bleacher repair, and eroding paths, are just a few items discussed.
  3. Jenkins Park-this location will be visited soon by Mr. Mount, Mr. Lawrence, and Mr. Theurkauf. It is scheduled to become a pocket park for the other side of the Township.
  4. Pickering Preserve-the Township Engineer will visit this site due to erosion concerns.
  5. McDevitt Trail-this trail needs some large tires removed and more signage but has recently been walked and blazed by Members.
  6. Mr. Lawrence discussed the need to coordinate volunteers for these projects.

Charlestown Park

Brightside Farm and the Great Valley Mountain Bike Club

Mr. Kaczmar, of the Great Valley Mountain Bike Club, will send Mrs. Csete an email verifying that she received the insurance cert to proceed. This Saturday and perhaps next Saturday will be trail maintenance days. A Bike Check Day for possible new members is coming soon to make sure the bikes are suitable for trail riding.

Mr. Lawrence and Mr. Kaczmar discussed the remaining check list items needed to get the club back to Brightside practicing.

  1. Post the club’s schedule, especially the practice schedule, in the information kiosk. Practice will probably be Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  2. Place a sign and cones to alert pedestrians that bikes are nearby.
  3. Send an estimated club head count to Mrs. Csete.
  4. Report positive Covid cases. Continue to use a mask and distancing until ≈50% of adults and children are vaccinated.
  5. Mr. Lawrence reminded the club to be careful not to damage the trails on wet days.

Charlestown Day scheduled September 18th, rain date September 25th

Ms. Smith is in charge of the morning 5k but is also researching other activities. Ms. Robinson volunteered to help.

Miscellaneous Comments

Ms. Robinson, Mr. Hubbard, and Mr. Lawrence discussed the Wismer-Rapp House concerts that happened before the pandemic. Ms. Robinson is interested in starting these again. Mr. Lawrence will contact the Historical Commission and Ms. Smith to see if they are interested.

Mr. Lawrence stated he has had several residents suggest a crosswalk at Charlestown Road and Coldstream Road. The Township will need to ask PennDOT to look at this again.

There is a former GVNC volunteer looking for activity ideas as this moves toward becoming a Township property.

A PA State Game Warden confirmed that there are Kestrel eggs in a bird house at Brightside Farm.

Adjournment at 8:18 p.m.