Charlestown Township Parks & Recreation Board
Via Webex
Thursday, March 18, 2021


Parks and Recreation:
Chris Lawrence, Chairperson, Dan Mount, Ashlee Beyer, Bil Longua, Charles Buck, and Tim Hubbard. Jim Quay and Brian Schlorff were absent.
Linda Csete, Ester Estes, Keith Maurer, Pete Goodman, Makinlee Fox, and Ester Underhill.


The January minutes and February minutes were approved.

Ms. Beyer and Mr. Lawrence will be doing clean-up on the Pickering trail to get a head start on Earth Day activities.


Trails and Earth Day

  1. April 10th (Earth Day) was decided to be a good day for trail work, running simultaneously with Earth Day activities.
    1. Pickering Trail needs focus on invasives and trail blazing. Mrs. Underhill has the paint needed for Ms. Beyer to start on blazing.
    2. McDevitt Trail has trees down and tires needing removal. Ms. Smith discussed the removal options with Mrs. Csete, Mr. Lawrence, and Mr. Hubbard.
  2. The participants will use common sense distancing and masks while removing invasives and/or performing trail work.
  3. Mrs. Csete has not heard back from PennDOT regarding the closure for Coldstream Road’s roadside cleaning, but will keep Members posted. It will be done in 2022 if not this year. No children will be on road clean-up projects.

Wildflower Walk

On April 24th, the Wildflower Walk will be taking place. Approximately 4 small groups can be comfortably escorted under current COVID guidelines. In past years, attendance has been between 2-25, so advertising just in the Newsletter and on the website should prevent an unmanageable turn-out. Mrs. Underhill thanked the EAC for helping her coordinate this day.

Charlestown Park

The PMYC was approached by the Boy Scouts wanting to repair a shed, but Mr. Lawrence felt this project was not suitable.





Jenkins Park Proposal

Mr. Lawrence attended the March Board of Supervisors Meeting and proposed the preliminary ideas and sketch map for the 16 acres on Valley Hill Road. The feedback from this included the addition of benches, possible restrooms, an additional parking area, and a disc golf course. He is to return with a more detailed plan and map. Mr. Mount stated that the added parking could be in the rear. He like the idea of a natural paly area as opposed to playground equipment. Members discussed improved vs. unimproved trails and where each may be best in consideration for residents with limited mobility.

The next step is to research the possibility of needing to officially abandon a possible septic pit, since it was at one time, a homestead.

Brightside Gardens

Mrs. Csete will be contacting people on the waiting list to tell them more spots have opened up for gardening.

Some spots will be used as trial zones for new plants per Mr. Bucks suggestion.

There is a Master Gardener in the EAC that can help Mr. Buck per Ms. Estes.

The plan to reestablish milkweed for the monarchs is being formulated by Mr. Lawrence.

Mr. Buck see no progress on the fence until fall due to the following timeline. There is $24,000 in funding coming into this project.

  1. Generating specs on the garden and getting it into bid form.
  2. Finding the balance with haying and garden
  3. The need to send the project out to bid, estimated at over $20,000.

Award of Plants to EAC

The EAC was awarded riparian buffer native plants for the Brightside area. Alix has been notified of this pending activity.

Adjournment at 8:40 p.m.